SOS of Ohio

My name is Victoria Corbett and I work with Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio or SOS of Ohio and we’ve been advertising with Valpak since January of this year. We are a nonprofit spay neuter clinic. Our primary goal and mission statement is to decrease pet population by spaying and neutering homeless animals and keeping pets in homes. So being able to open the doors and let people come in and get other veterinary care besides the spay neuter surgeries has been a huge impact as well to the community here and then the rescue groups and the shelters that we work with.

But we see the print coupons daily. We get calls about them daily. So, with Valpak, I get a report. I get Jen emailing me, calling me, excited about the results and I don’t have to do any work on seeing the benefits of doing it. So, I can go back to my board and say here’s what we did and here’s where the money’s going and what it’s doing and this is the direct impact on our business. The whole process has been extremely easy on my part. Coming from an administrative role, that’s a big part of what I would continue and what I would recommend because it’s minimal work for me. I get an email. I get a proof. I can change whatever I want by just saying, “Hey, let’s do this, let’s change that,” and then it comes back exactly as I want. There’s no legwork on my end and the results are fast and they’re immediate, and they’re major for our business.

A company that doesn’t have a marketing budget really to begin with and kind of building that in, I think having those immediate turnaround results and minimal work on my end has been huge and I would recommend it to anyone.

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