Stackers Pizzeria


Speaker: Nick Aeed, Owner

Stackers has been open about a year. Since that day, Stackers has been using Valpak. To me, as a business owner, the customer service is very important. I like, if I want to make a change, I want a callback, I want to get a response. And they always ask me if I want to do any changes, and they always have ideas, which is helping a lot.

With the call tracking, I see the number of how many calls I got. And it seems to me every month it’s increased. Call tracking, which is basically, I’m getting more results. Well, I’ve been getting 12 to 15 calls a week, and the number’s not going any lower. It’s every month, it’s going higher. So it gives me no doubt about the place. Valpak is giving me a good result. That’s why I keep adding more zones, which is better for Stackers.

Most customers, they come in here, they’re holding a Valpak in their hand and said, “I have the coupon.” So Valpak is working. Stackers opened 11 months ago and I recommended my neighbor to use Valpak. And since then, she’s been using it and she’s doing great. And she’s very happy.

I would recommend Valpak to every business that I know and tell them to just work with Valpak. They’re honest, they’re great service and great prices.

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