State Fair of Texas

Speaker: Jennifer Schuder, Senior Vice President of Marketing

My name is Jennifer Schuder. I’m the Senior Vice President of Marketing for the great State Fair of Texas, and this will be our second year advertising with Valpak.

We started doing our advertising in June, and we focused on our season passes June, July, and August, focusing on getting those people who are going to be repeat customers. Obviously, our season pass holders, that’s a program we’re working to continue to grow, and those are some of our most valuable customers, focusing on families and making it affordable at a price point that made sense.

So, you know, Valpak provides a lot of feedback I think. When Valpak gets a creative and they look at it, there’s a lot of times I think they understand their customers and they understand what works, so they were a great partner in providing feedback on, you know, tweak this or maybe put this promotion code here. We think this will work better for you.

In looking at their ZIP Codes and maps, it was definitely targeting some areas where we wanted to get into neighborhoods and into mailboxes. We never could just with direct mail on our own be able to do that. They definitely hit some of the ZIP Codes that we were looking to get into.

The State Fair of Texas puts a promo code or some kind of tracking mechanism on all of our advertising so that way we can measure effectiveness. We did that with Valpak. We had specific promo codes that we could track back. We had a unique one for each placement, so that we could see which month drove and where we got our revenue from.

We’re very fortunate that the State Fair has been able to grow its database, so a lot of our traditional channels — email, our website, and things like — are performing really well for us. Valpak, though, is one of our top performing media partners. It definitely had measurable and trackable revenue, and it was in the top, right behind some of our own channels.

We’d definitely recommend Valpak to other festivals, because obviously their audience and who they’re getting into their mailboxes, they’re looking for entertainment and partnering in Valpak in a way that the State Fair of Texas has would be beneficial to other organizations.

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