SuperShine Car Wash

Speaker: Nick Hanson, Business Owner

My name is Nick Hanson. I’m at SuperShine Car Wash and Champion Express Lube. We’ve been advertising with Valpak for 24 years now. We started advertising with Valpak because they’re a leader in the industry. They’re well known. Our customers all know about Valpak and they have a really good reputation. It’s a good way for us to promote new services, let them know that we got something new for them to come and try out. We offer a discount and it gives us the ability to bring them in and then at that point, we can upsell.

Over the years we’ve tried a lot of different marketing companies and print, digital, and we’ve found that Valpak covers both of those. They get mailed to all the homes and also they can go online at any time and print out our coupons. Our Valpak coupon gives us the ability to track our performance and see the response that we’re getting, and at the same time, lets us know that the money that we’re spending is worthwhile.

Our rep is very reachable. He’s very accommodating. Each month we can change our ad. He works with us, they have a great team that designs it for us. We get to approve it and make sure everything looks good before we okay it. It works. We don’t see Valpak as an expense. We see it as a great avenue to bring in new customers as well as keep our existing customer base. We’ve spent close to a million dollars advertising with you guys. So, obviously, being a business owner, we want to make the best financial choices we can and we have seen that Valpak greatly benefits us. I definitely recommend using Valpak in the car wash and lube center business. It’s worked great for us.

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