Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill


Speaker: Schiller Martin, Owner

I have been in business at Tequila Sunrise Mexican Grill for approximately eight and a half years. I decided to begin to test the waters and broaden the horizon of my advertising potential, and with great results.

Valpak shows professionalism that comes from a long history of being in the advertising business. It’s enhanced my business knowledge a hundredfold. Valpak Media Solutions, print and digital combined, for my business, is the most effective tool of marketing. Valpak is really the reason that I’m still in business today.

I would absolutely recommend Valpak to any business, particularly a new business that’s trying to become known in the community. Don’t make the mistake of saying that everybody is going to find out because my food is so good or the service is so good. That will be a part of it, but what Valpak does is gets those first people in the door for you, and then they give the word of mouth to the others, and there’s always room for more customers to come in. That’s why I have only increased my Valpak advertising over the years rather than cut back on it.

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