The Crunchy Grocer


Speaker: Jonas Buehl, Owner

The Crunchy Grocer is northern Colorado’s emancipated food market. So we’ve been in business for two years now and a Valpak client for six months. One of the things that Valpak did was, Valpak was able to easily execute on a known strategy that we had used previously and hit targeted demographics that we weren’t able to get to before. They did it pretty cost effectively.

Valpak has allowed us to reach out to the community, and to extend the message of the small business, and to bring people into the doors. They’re willing to spend extra time to measure the results and show me that the money that I spend with them every month, which I see as an investment in bringing people into the doors, has a return. Valpak gave me a tracking mechanism that actually helped me see the real results.

The digital market is constantly changing, and so there are all kinds of new stuff coming out there, and Valpak hits the traditional mail market and the digital market in one shot.

One of the big things that I notice is my average ticket, which I was nervous about, went up 67%. I also notice my customer count picks up as the Valpak coupons are out on the market, too.

I would definitely recommend Valpak to other business owners. I was probably a really tough convert for Valpak, and now that I’ve seen measurable results from Valpak, to me it’s a no-brainer for a small business that wants to increase traffic.

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