TimberRock Landscape Center



Speaker: Jess Aragon, Owner

TimberRock is a business that sells landscape supplies and materials. I’ve been in business now for 18 years. I’ve been a Valpak customer for 17 of those 18. They spend the time necessary to help you, to formulate your ideas and get things concrete and they follow up with you to make sure that things are working the way you want them to.

Another business I operate using Valpak products is Treeland Christmas Trees. I’m able to target my advertising more effectively by hitting homes that are within my demographic that I want to reach, as opposed to advertising to the masses.

We know where our advertising dollars are being spent, and we know that when the envelope hits the mailbox that we get phone calls and we start seeing results. So I believe in Valpak and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get results from their advertising dollars.

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