Tysinger Motors


Speaker: Mark Tysinger, Owner

At Tysinger, we’ve been a Valpak client for 27 years. I first met Al Fisher, the President of Valpak, that many years ago and Al made a case that we would see a strong return on investment by using Valpak; that they would be creative, allow us to reach our client and they really have delivered on that promise for the last 27 years.

We have three very diverse brands, and they’ve allowed us to tailor a message to various areas in our community that we thought would be most productive for the message that we were putting out. And so it allows us to target, pinpoint, our advertising.

Valpak is adaptive with changing technology. They’ve continued to innovate, be responsive to the changes in the marketplace. They have come to us with ideas that have proved to be on target and really been a good partner in our marketing. For us, with all of our marketing we’re looking for a return on the dollar, very frankly, and Valpak is right up there with our most effective marketing dollars. We can target it. We can track it.

Our relationship with Valpak has been nothing but stellar. They are on call. They’re responsive to what we’re trying to do and they’re creative. I mean, we are in the car business. We are marketers, but that is really not our primary business. Our primary business is taking care of our clients and they have been very innovative and creative and they have assisted us in many ways with our marketing.

I would suggest any business give Valpak a very hard look. Put them to the test. I’m confident they’ll deliver.

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