Valencia Car Wash


Speaker: Jeffrey Paul, Owner

Valencia Car Wash has been a client of Valpak for 28 years and Valpak’s been a consistent advertiser for that entire time; the only one that’s been a consistent advertiser. And we’ve used other coupon companies and they’ve gone out of business or they miss a mailing. That has never happened to us with Valpak.

At Valencia Car Wash, we added digital with Valpak and over the years, it’s gotten more and more popular with our customers. And I can tell you for the last three months, we had almost 15,000 views through Valpak. We’ve had 1200 printed pages and we’ve had 600 click-throughs to our website. So it’s been very helpful and it’s grown consistently over the last five years. And I would predict it’s going to grow even more in the next five years.

Coupons account for one-third of our customers and I would say Valpak accounts for probably 50% of those coupons. In our car wash business, approximately 35% of the coupon holders will upgrade to a better service. In our lube business, our oil change business 80% upgrade to something higher than the basic product.

At this location, we also use Google AdWords and I can tell you for a fact that Valpak and their digital presentation is much more cost effective than Google AdWords. For every dollar we spend in advertising with Valpak, we get $10 back in sales. So there’s no reason for us to ever stop with Valpak. The one thing I appreciate most about the Valpak service is its consistency over 28 years.

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