Varasano’s Pizzeria



Speaker: Rosemary McBride, General Manager

We’ve been a Valpak client for about two years now. We decided to align our business advertising with Valpak because our marketing manager decided that we needed a better way to interact with the neighborhood and the people who were living around us. We have seen an increase in new customers, we have seen an increase in returning customers and everyone seems to love Valpak, so that just sort of brings them in. In a lot of ways our sales rep is amazing, she spends a lot of time kind of coaching me as to what is the best direction to take.

We do use another marketing venture that is similar to Valpak and the difference that I’ve noticed is that we get a higher customer response from Valpak, as well as I feel that we have a more personal relationship with Valpak then we do with the other tool. I would absolutely recommend Valpak to other businesses. Again our sales representative Susan is amazing. She is very knowledgeable about what she does and she helps us to be a little bit better at that as well.

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