Veteran Garage Door

Speaker: Lotan Stern, Owner

My name is Lotan. I’m the owner of Veteran Garage Door and I’ve been with Valpak for slightly over two years. Our model is to have customer satisfaction and return customers. The way we use Valpak, we do advertise, of course, a promotion and specific product, but we also use a very aggressive promotion. The chance for him calling us back if we’ve provided a good service are very high because we are very concentrated on customer satisfaction. So I’ve tried, in terms of the coupons, I did try some of the competitors all the way from MoneyMailer to Groupon but those did not fully work for me.

The reason why it’s worked for us to use Valpak, it’s optimized to our needs. It really gave us information and the caller ID that tracks every call in. A really detailed report of what we’re looking for. So what Valpak gives us, a tool to track each and every call and that’s very unique. It’s not only to track, it’s to listen to the call, to get the phone number, to kind of even identify which zip code or area they called us, and for our business, since we cover the whole Metroplex which is over eight million people, that’s very unique and that’s why we like it very much.

And the personal communication with the Valpak representative since he lives in the area, we see him almost on a weekly basis. And whether we like it or not, he comes into the office, but we like it. I think that’s very, very important to know that it’s not only someone he’s over the phone, but someone’s physically come in and give you the results face-to-face.

I think Valpak is very good for local business and it’s a must-try for a small business if they want to expand.

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