Washington State Fair



Speaker: Karen LaFlamme

The Washington State Fair has been a Valpak client since 2009, and we have a great working relationship with our representative. We have an ad budget of almost a million dollars, and we use traditional advertising as well as digital and high-tech advertising, but we’ve found that Valpak has this real unique position because we can reach the exact audience we want to reach and the exact demographics.

Working with Valpak since 2009 has been very crucial to us because it’s brought in many new guests that we’ve never seen before. They get to experience what the fair can offer them and they then go onto our website, purchase tickets, and end up making it a family tradition every September. Two years ago we started doing On-Paks, where we are able to feature some of our concert entertainers on the outside of the pack, and that has been tremendous. Every single person that receives it is learning about the fair because of the On-Pak, but another big advantage is the fact that we have tracking that we receive.

We work closely with our rep, and that tracking provides vital information for us showing that it works. We would totally endorse the fact that Valpak should be used. It’s great tool, not only for our state fair, but other state fairs, other events, and really, other companies. I’m a personal user of Valpak coupons and know how well it works, and know that the fair feels the exact same way.

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