Ynot Pizza


Speaker: Anthony DiSilvestro, Owner

Ynot Pizza started out in 1993 and we started out with Valpak in the beginning, really to jumpstart our business, which was great. And then, in 1997 we went back with them and have been with them ever since.

Valpak has a very professional image. They are multi-faceted as far as their process, as far as digital versus direct mail into your house, and then the analytics that go along with it as well. With the tracking, obviously, with their analysis you truly understand what you’re spending every month and what’s returned.

The things I like most about my Valpak campaign truly is the envelope. The value is definitely in the envelope, and then beyond that definitely is the tracking and the ROI on the envelope. When you have a product, such as Valpak, it really gives you an advantage because of the professionalism and what they put into the piece.

The direct mail pieces that we’ve used for years are still the same for 20 years, where Valpak is always on the cutting edge looking for something better that they can provide their customers with. The company is willing to grow with us as a partner, and their concern is just as strong as our concern about our bottom line. That’s truly what I believe the benefit of Valpak is. They really, truly understand what it is to be in business with us.

If any business comes to me and asks me if Valpak is a value, there’s no doubt in my mind I would say yes. I would definitely be interested to find out what marketing they were doing and then help them find their way through Valpak, whether it be digital or a direct mail piece. I don’t think they can go wrong. Valpak is an excellent company.

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