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Successful Advertising Campaigns and Community Involvement

You built your business with the dream of charting your own course. Being your own boss. You had a passion, worked hard and succeeded where most fail.

You’ve learned a lot about marketing. Sometimes the hard way. You know it’s no longer enough to run a TV ad to reach customers. That consumers have more choices and more distractions than ever before.

In short, business is tough.

Valpak is the trusted name in local direct marketing. With the expertise to help your business adapt to new technologies. With the gumption to create new opportunities. Just like you, we started small: in a garage in 1968. Since then, we’ve become synonymous with direct marketing, cost-effective direct mail and digital advertising that drives results. Today, millions of high-income households open the famous “blue envelope” each month to find great deals in their neighborhoods.

These sought-after savings are always available on valpak.com and our mobile app, too. But we don’t stop there. Valpak can help: build and better your online presence by optimizing your website for mobile devices; ensure your business is found in online searches with SEO advertising; drive more traffic to your website faster with SEM advertising (Did you know we’re a Google Premier SMB Partner?); and create a custom print and digital solution that meets your targeted marketing needs.

In short, Valpak does it all.


Valpak Delivers



Audiences can be identified by age, income, family status and other demographic, geographic, consumer behavior or expenditure identifiers. Our branded programs can be designed to target an area surrounding specific retail locations or pre-designated trade areas as small as 10,000 homes, or even smaller if your proprietary program requires it.



Using national campaigns with total-market versioning or creating unique local neighborhood promotional programs, Valpak can help you create or match databases of sales and customer information that will help you to maximize your current and future customer acquisition and loyalty programs.



We take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. No matter which solution or service you use, we provide measurable and quantifiable results.

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