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Posted by on Oct 17, 2014 in Halloween | 0 comments

10 Boo-It-Yourself Haunted House Ideas

3e54fa4f70e2e4febab2e5f916fd485fIs your house haunted? Well, why not? It’s easier than you think to transform your home into the one house everyone will want to visit on Halloween night. And it’s affordable, too. Dress up the family as ghoulish guides and get the fun started with fright night props.

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Come In… Don’t be Scared
Building a good do-it-yourself haunted house or backyard haunted trail may seem daunting; but it actually takes more planning than money. Sure, some folks start in September engineering fancy plywood labyrinths with hidden doors and an army of costumed teenagers; others just want to conjure up a good scare with a small investment in time and dollars. Add to your collection or start a tradition with these ten affordable haunted house props:

Create an Eerie Entry

1. What lies ahead in your haunted house? Set them on edge right away with this bloody footprints runner. It can be used as a path to your front door, down a darkened hallway or at the backyard gate.

bloody footprints door runner

2. Spooky figures always up the creep factor. This giant hairy spider is sound activated, so the more they scream, the more its eyes glow. Hang it over the front door or in a tree for an instant freak-out every time someone comes by.

giant spider

3. Whatever you do, ditch the cheesy hanging sheets this year. This battery-powered ghost flies on a cable and makes creepy howling noises. With the money you save using discounts, you can afford a few.

animated ghost

4. He doesn’t chase people around with his scythe, but he does rise from the ground with a spine-tingling cackle and glowing red eyes. Place this animated rising reaper along a haunted house pathway and give your guests a fright. Sound-activated, he pops up and sinks back down. Be afraid… be very afraid.

reaper animated

5. If you have a neighborhood full of little kids, campy is a good compromise. This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man inflatable is a crowd-pleaser. At 8-1/2 feet tall, it attracts kids like a magnet to your door. The little ones won’t cry, and parents who grew up on Ghostbusters will get the joke. Made of sturdy plastic and nylon, it‘s designed last for years.

marshmallow man

6. Set the mood inside with one of BuyCostumes’ 50-foot wall rolls. This one looks like peeling plaster to give your haunted room an off-kilter feel.

peeling plaster room roll

7. Keep them out of the bathroom, or let them in – If. They. Dare. This restroom door cover fools the eye and bumps up the heart rate. Stick it on with tack or tape.

restroom door cover

Set the Mood

8. No matter how simple or elaborate your DIY haunted house, atmosphere is important. That means playing a continuous soundtrack of ghostly music or sound effects (try a loop of the Prometheus soundtrack). Black light is a must-have for creating otherworldly effects. This spotlight covers a wide area.

outdoor LED spotlight

9. Add instant mystery with a fog machine. This 1000-watt model is what the pros use, pumping out 4000 cubic feet of fog vapor each minute.

1000-watt fog machine

10. When you add strobe lights to fog, you get a new level of thrills and chills. This flashing strobe light string takes it even further into the Outer Limits; it flashes and erupts in diabolical laughter, wolf howls and scary expressions when it senses motion or noise. Boo!

audible strobe lights

Props and effects don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg or a … never mind. With last-minute bargains and coupon codes, you’ll be able to scare up a good time in no time.

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