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Posted by on Oct 15, 2015 in Halloween | 1 comment

10 Fail-Proof Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

What defines America better than its popular culture? Names, events, memes – they come and go in the blink of an eye. For those who dare to stray from the usual cast of Halloween characters this year, here are a few solo and couple’s costume ideas that will show you’re in tune. Many are online-only deals available using coupon codes.

Come on! We all like to poke fun at someone. Hipsters are an easy target for the un-hip, and even though you’ll probably get it wrong, the essence of it is an easy look to put together. While hipster style changes constantly by definition, you can get by with a beard, vintage glasses, flannel shirts and even odd headgear. Anything goes as long as it’s worn with a smirk.


Plaid Shirt, Kohl’s / Moose Hat, Costume SuperCenter / Flower Eyeglasses, Spirit Halloween

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Helicopter Parents
Helicopter parents are another group people love to hate. Throw some binoculars around your neck, bubble-wrap your kid or partner, and accessorize your furrowed brow and bitten nails with a propeller beanie.

helicopter parents

Propeller Beanie, Oriental Trading / Bubble Wrap, Walmart

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The Martian
For easy inspiration, look to the heavens. Ridley Scott’s latest space thriller, The Martian, hit theaters this month. A fun, whimsical twosome pairs an astronaut suit with Marvin the Martian. You’re on your own with the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator, however.

the martiant

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And who can forget those amazing images of our farthest planet – is it a planet? You can search DIY websites and make your own costume, or just order a t-shirt and be done with it.

Pluto Tshirt - bustedtees

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The Presidential Race
Politicians, it can be argued, are pretty scary creatures. Just about all the candidates for the 2016 election – as well as presidents past and present – have their likenesses immortalized on masks this year. Or, in one case, it’s all about the hair.

presidential race

Hillary Clinton Mask, Costume SuperCenter / Donald Trump Wig, Amazon

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Inside Out
Who doesn’t secretly covet Joy’s blue pixie cut? Just add a yellow dress and This Inside Out look is easy to pull together at home. For the best savings and a complete costume at a discount, use a coupon code and order online.

joy inside out

Inside Out Joy, Coupon Codes

Jurassic World
Do you like your costumes to win contests? This T-Rex is inflatable with a built-in battery-operated fan and comes with shoe covers, gloves and a battery pack.

t-rex inflatable costume - costume express

Jurrasic World: T-Rex Inflatable, Costume Express

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Grumpy Cat
The most enduring meme of our cynical age, Grumpy Cat (nee: Tardar Sauce) is scheduled to get her own animatronic waxwork at Madame Tussauds in San Francisco. Unlicensed and printable masks are available online under names like Cattitude, or just throw on this comfy jumpsuit and bring your own dour expression.

grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat Jumpsuit, Coupon Codes

Cliché? Not yet. Never. Because they never die, right? And many of the best costumes are online exclusives and eligible for coupon discounts.

Zombie SpiritHalloween

Zombie Southern Belle, Spirit Halloween

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Halftime Fail
Ok. This happened a while ago, but it’s the perfect get-up for those with two left feet. The Left Shark dancer from singer Katy Perry’s Big Game performance went viral for good reason. Bring Katy as your date to that Halloween party and cut loose at every possible opportunity.

katy perry left shark

Left Shark, Ebay / Katy Perry, Costume Supercenter

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New memes – and costumes – are popping up all the time. Be the hit of that adult costume party, and scare up great Halloween deals with promo codes and other online promotions. Most have guaranteed delivery, too.

Marie Hickman, Digital Content Writer at Valpak, focuses on what’s new in couponing, money-saving tips, entertaining and home improvement.

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  1. I love the Costumes for Halloween. I would love to be a cat or an shark for Halloween.

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