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Posted by on Apr 14, 2016 in Grocery, Health & Beauty | 0 comments

10 Habits of Skinny People


Some people are just naturally thin. Or so it seems.

Most people who maintain a healthy weight actually are not just naturally thin, nor do they obsess over diets and exercise. 

Instead, they live a healthy lifestyle — with healthy, well-rounded eating habits. For example, they listen to their bodies and don’t over eat. And at the same time, they allow themselves to indulge their sweet tooth (within healthy moderation). They basically do all the the things we’ve been told to do by health experts.

So what are those those things exactly? Well, in case you need a reminder. Here’s the short list.

Originally published by U.S. News and World Report

People who’ve maintained a healthy weight their whole adult lives have a lot in common.

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