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Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

10 Hidden Costs that Surprise New Homeowners

new house costs

It’s a good time to buy a new home, and homeownership is ingrained in our national psyche. If you’ve decided to start looking for a house or condo, you’re probably thinking how nice it will be to write a check that will benefit you – not your landlord – every month. But owning a house comes with expenses that shock new homeowners. From moving vans to new bedding and pest control, home ownership is fraught with hidden fees. It still beats renting for many, but you have to be prepared ahead of time.

Here are 10 new home expenses you’ll want to account for in advance.

Via Wisebread.

You’re a new homeowner — congrats! The hardest part is over, for sure. Saying so long to most of your savings isn’t easy, after all. But the money hemorrhage isn’t finished just yet.

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