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Posted by on Sep 16, 2013 in Back To School | 0 comments

10 Must-Have Apps for Back to School

After lazy summer days, Back to School can be a chaotic time for families. However the school year doesn’t need to be stressful. Turn your smartphone into a command center to manage time, monitor grades and projects and even keep up with the kids.


Here are 10 A+ Apps to tackle Back to School

Cozi Family Organizer – The Cozi Family Organizer is a color-coded calendar app with tons of organization and communication options. The family calendar of events syncs to every family member’s device and family members can get an agenda for the upcoming week sent by email. There is also a shared shopping list feature that has grocery lists the whole family can access. There are also shared to-do lists for your honey-do lists and individual chore lists for the kids. (Download Free on iTunes and Google Play)

Life 360 Family Locator – This is a family management app. Simply register the cell number of each family member and this app will find them on the map. No need for a smartphone. Any cell phone will work. The app also features FamilyChat that allows group messages and even VOIP conference calls. Whether you load the app for emergency purposes only or track kids every day, it’s a great app for parents. (Download Free on iTunes and Google Play)

Keepy – This app allows parents to take a photo of their child’s artwork or report card and save it. However the app doesn’t stop there. Users can enhance the photo with editing tools, name and date the photo and press record! The parent or the child can then describe the item and this audio file is stored with the image. Parents can invite loved ones to the account and grandma can leave video comments for the child. The images can all be synced with Dropbox so they are never lost. (Download Free on iTunes)

Evernote – The perfect app to keep organized. Evernote allows users to create and edit text notes, to-do lists and record voice and audio notes. The notes are searchable even including text inside images. The notes can be organized by notebooks and tags. Sync notes across all computers and devices and even share them via social media. (Download Free on iTunes and Google Play)

inClass – Designed for older students, inClass helps students (and parents) keep track of coursework. Never miss a project due date with their due date reminders. Students can also use the inClass note taking feature while in class. (Download Free on iTunes)

TeamSnap – For kids’ busy sports schedules the Team Snap app is wonderful. The app allows coaches and parents to organize schedules, contact parents, view stats, share photos and more. Parents can even volunteer for game refreshments or sign up for concessions. (Download Free on iTunes and Google Play)

VolunteerSpot – Room Moms, PTA presidents and teachers alike rave about VolunteerSpot. Use this app to organize field trips, PTA meetings and classroom activities. The mobile sign-up sheets and calendars make signing up for volunteer times easy. Plus the messaging and automatic reminders mean the volunteers with never miss a shift. (Download Free on iTunes and Google Play)

Graphing Calculator – For students in advanced math class, a graphing calculator is a must. However the big Texas Instruments versions are expensive and cumbersome. The next best thing is the Graphing Calculator app. It offers a scientific calculator, allows students to graph multiple equations, and even emails the results. (Download Free on iTunes)

Flashcards+ – Students can ditch the 3×5 index cards with the Flashcards+ app. This app allows you to easily create and study flashcards. Students can also access tens of millions of pre-made decks for free. The Flashcloud allows you to sync decks across devices and online as well as share decks with friends. (Download Free on iTunes)

Grades 2 – Report cards may only come once a semester, but Grades 2 allows you to keep track of test scores, homework results and even upcoming finals. After entering test scores, the app also calculates GPA and shows what grades students need to earn to reach a target grade or maintain a certain GPA. (Download Free on iTunes)

These are just 10 apps that are handy for students and parents. There are hundreds more. Share your favorites in the comments!

Guest blogger Shellie Deringer is a DealPro and founder of Saving With Shellie, a website designed to show moms that by shopping diligently and purposefully, they can afford the quality brands they love without exceeding their budget.

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