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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Guest Posts, Mother's Day | 0 comments

10 Ways to Celebrate Mom on a Budget

Celebrating Mom doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and I’d bet mom would rather you save your hard earned moolah and do something nice that means something to her. Below I’ve compiled 10 simple ways to honor and celebrate the moms in your life. Some of these ideas I’ve given, some I’ve received from my own kids, but no matter who gives them, they are always appreciated.

10 Ways to Celebrate Mom on a Budget

1. Write a letter

What mom doesn’t want to get a letter telling her how much you love her? No need for fancy greeting cards; just tell mom what she means to you. Remind her of a time she made an impact on your life. Tissues optional!

2. Make a coupon book

This was a favorite of mine when I was a child. I loved to give my mom coupons for hugs, time together, and uninterrupted phone time.

3. Make a donation to her favorite charity

This is a great way to honor the moms in your life, especially those who have personally struggled with an illness such as breast cancer. You could donate to any number of charities both locally and nationally.

4. Make her a Mother’s Day meal

Mother’s Day brunch can be expensive, so opting instead to make mom a homemade meal AND do the dishes will be much appreciated by her. If you can’t be with your mom for Mother’s Day, send a food basket (such as a fruit bouquet) or a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant.

5. Be her ‘assistant’ for a day

This could be anything from acting as a handyman around the house or being her personal shopper for the day. You get time with mom and she gets some much needed help. If you can’t be there for Mother’s Day, set a time and date you can, and send her a note or card to let her know so she can plan a nice, long to do list for you.

6. Take a walk or a daytrip together

Visit a garden, museum, or a favorite park, view the sights and just spend time together. You could also take photos as you go, look for birds, or a number of other hobbies.

7. Put together a photo album of mom and her kids (or grandkids)

You can put together a photo album and have it shipped for under $20, and it will bring back special memories for years to come. Look for discounts and coupons; you may even be able to make one for free.

8. Make her a gift basket

Choose a theme for your basket. Favorite things, her favorite hobby, cooking supplies, or a relaxation basket. You could include anything from her favorite tea, the best hand moisturizer, or her favorite magazines to supplies for her favorite hobby, whether it’s yarn for knitting or a basket of books.

9. Get her a gift subscription

Some great ideas: Pandora, Netflix, HuluPlus, magazine subscriptions, newspaper or online newspaper subscriptions, etc. You can also get boxes ‘of the month’ with a variety of themes. Food, hobbies, wine, plants, beauty products, and so much more.

10. Give her the gift of time

For most moms, but especially those of young kids, letting her sleep in or making breakfast is a great treat. Giving her the day off and a gift card to go shopping for herself can also be a great way to give her some time off. If mom wants to spend time with the family on Mother’s Day take over her chores for the day so she can focus on snuggles, reading books or playing board games together.

What ideas do you have for giving mom an amazing Mother’s Day without breaking the bank?

Guest blogger Kelly Whalen is a DealPro and founder of The Centsible Life, a blog designed to help you live the life of your dreams on a budget.

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