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Posted by on Apr 8, 2016 in Home & Garden, How To | 0 comments

101 New Ways to Use Household Items


Who doesn’t like to kill two birds with one stone? Multi-tasking and being efficient is the best.

And when it comes to household goods, the same applies. If you can use one item to preform multiple tasks, that’s definitely a win.

The trouble is, it’s not always common knowledge what some of these diversified products are…So, we’ve come to the rescue. We found over a hundred new uses very everyday items you probably have laying around the house already.

Originally published by Real Simple

The multitasking hall of fame.

About 100 years ago, a German housewife named Melitta Bentz punctured the bottom of a brass pot, lined it with blotting paper, and―voilà!―made the first coffee filter. Almost a century later, a perfected version of Bentz’s design is still used. “Coffee filters aren’t as likely

Read all 101 uses here.

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