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Posted by on Dec 8, 2015 in Health & Beauty, How To | 0 comments

12 Clever Ways to Use Perfume Tester Strips

scent strips - BTB


The average fashion magazine has 47 perfume samples – those open-and-whiff scented test strips that lure you to buy the latest fragrance. Printed magazines last year included 17 more perfume tester strips than they did they year before. And people are responding. One survey found 64% of magazine readers read scented ads, compared with 54% of those who were just presented with an ad.

If you love scent but don’t want to commit to an entire bottle, don’t throw these strips away. Just cut them out of magazines. What a money saver! Other than using online perfume coupons and collecting samples at department stores, it’s a great way to add perfume and cologne to your life for free.

It’s a perfect solution if you don’t wear scent often or like to scent your personal space without overwhelming. Here are 12 tips to try:

  1. Cut them into squares and keep a few handy in your purses and evening bags to refresh your fragrance when you go out. Men, tuck one in your wallet.
  2. Ladies: Open and tuck one in your bra as a subtle perfume substitute. Guys: Tuck one in your pocket
  3. Apply to skin or clothing as a quick aromatherapy pick-me-up.
  4. Line your lingerie, sweater and PJ drawers with opened scent testers.
  5. Open and put on or two in just-out-of-the-dryer sheets before you fold and put them away.
  6. Pull apart and place them in shoes and boots while they’re in your closet. They add a pretty scent with each step.
  7. Put one in your car door storage space, the AC vent, the ash tray, or under the seat.
  8. Rub one on your hair if it’s feeling a little funky or if you’ve spent time in a smoky room.
  9. Store one, opened, in your packed suitcase. It will subtly scent the clothes within so you don’t have to carry bottles of cologne around with you.
  10. Open and carefully tent one over a lampshade to scent a small room.
  11. Punch a hole in them and thread over coat hangers for a closet refresher.
  12. Tuck an open scent strip in a new toilet paper roll.

Of course, make sure it’s a scent you enjoy. You can use different ones for different applications: car, home, drawers, self. It’s a great way to try a new scent or just add a lift to your immediate space. If you don’t use cologne every day, you may never need to buy a bottle of perfume again.


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