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Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Health & Beauty | 0 comments

12 Wonderful and Weird Beauty Products to Try in 2016

weird beauty BTB

There’s something really satisfying about experimenting with new beauty products. It’s not just the promise it will make us feel more beautiful; sometimes its the novelty itself.

We’ve curated some of the most interesting beauty products on the market. They’re cool, obscure, and some of them are serious time and money savers. Most even have coupon codes so you can save up for that balayage hair color or tattooed eyeliner.


Double Duty Tint

Darn those grays. Fie upon those roots. Keep both problems under control with a product that you can use on both areas. Paula’s Choice makes an eyebrow and hair tint in one slim tube with applicator.

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Sleep Away Those Wrinkles

If there’s one wives tale that’s absolutely true, it’s that sleeping on a satin pillow reduces wrinkles. Think about it: your face gets smooshed into odd positions for one-third of your life. Satin doesn’t have the same traction as cotton. One to try is the Morning glamour Pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond.

satin pillow

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Gold-flecked Face Blotting Papers

Talk about luxury! Aburatorigami Japanese blotting papers is a cult product that launched tiny to fame among fashionistas. While they are expensive – about $12 for 30 sheets – the gold fragments impart a glow while the sheets absorb shine. Bonus: each sheet is large enough for your whole face, not those little squares.

tatcha blotters

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24-Karat Lip Balm

Another Tatcha product to try is the golf-leaf lip balm. Throw out the Chapstick and banish dry lips with grown-up glam. Similarly, the gold leaf crushes upon application, adding satiny shimmer instead of teenage glitter.

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Non-surgical “Nose Job”

Changing the shape of your nose without plastic surgery? Time to Explore Asia. Splints have long been popular there and had a temporary effect. The trick is to wear them for a few minutes each day to maintain the effect. If going under the knife to change the shape of your schnozz is out of the question, we suppose there’s no harm in trying it. Try or Walmart.

nose shaper

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The Lipstick Sealer Used by Models

Be honest: how many tubes of 24-hour lipsticks, stains and liners do you have in your drawer, your purse, your beach bag? If your quest for the everlasting lip look isn’t over yet, try Model-in-a-Bottle. It’s a true lip color sealant that you swipe over your finished kisser.  It resists smudges, feathering and transfer.



No-Commitment Body Art

Think before you ink and try out the type of design you have in mind with quality temporary tats. Start small with a navel ring or something bolder. Or try out hot henna designs without the high cost of an artist.

cosmetic henna

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Instant Lowlights

Did that at-home hair color leave you a bit monotone? Scared to buy another box of permanent color? Or would you like to give ombre a try? Give those looks a trial run with Oscar Blandi Pronto Hair Shadow. Designed as a concealer for exposed roots and thinning hair, its off-label use can give you a cheap multi-dimensional hair thrill in minutes. At Beauty Bar online.

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Baby Big Eyes

Ever wonder how the Human Barbie makes her eyes look so inhumanly large? Artful makeup, for one thing, and specialty contact lenses for the other. Baby Eyes theatrical contacts fool the eye, so to speak, to make your pupils look large. Buy through online contact lens stores including

baby eyes contacts

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Contouring Made (Ridiculously) Easy

While the extreme highlighting technique called strobing is wildly popular, there is a place for good old-fashioned contouring. Tarte puts it all together in a slim palette with highlighter, color correction, shadowing and pure glow. It comes with a step-by-step guide. At the Tarte website and


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Nails with Tropical Punch

To celebrate the normalization of relations with Cuba, Priti NYC, a runway cult favorite, has released its new collection, Holiday in Cuba. Inspired by the tropical colors of the island nation, it will transport you to the tropics and transition your look across seasons. Add a mojito and you’re on your way.

cuban polish


The Ultimate Hairspray

Redken Triple Take high hold hairspray debuted in October 2015 and guarantees fast and even misting, thanks to a nozzle with three holes. Very cool. Buy it at Ulta online.

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Trends are here today and gone tomorrow, but these are showing some staying power. So go boldly on the internet and into your favorite store and snap up these hidden gems before they start appearing in everyone’s tote bag.

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