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Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

13 Artful Area Rugs to Brighten Your Home

area rugs BTB

Area rugs can be the perfect grounding rod for your room decor. Mish-mashy colors all over? No color? The right floor decor will tie it all together. Rugs take up zero space, and they can often be cheaper than other home decorating hacks if you’re willing to shop around and use coupon codes.

They are perfect for your home, as well as for apartments where you’re not allowed (or inclined) to paint the walls. How do you select the right carpet for your space?

  • Decide what the room needs: a caffeine jolt of color can brighten up a dull space. Just add a few accessories or inexpensive artwork to complement the existing room colors. Even a few scatter pillows will work.  
  • Play with textured neutrals: Shag, sisal or sculptured carpeting can echo furniture lines or warm up starkly modern decor.
  • Choose a bold pattern: Weaves and chevrons truly define a space in an open plan, and they and play well off of bright colors.

Want some more inspiration for your home? Check out these 13 area rug ideas.

Originally posted on the website Best Friends for Frosting

If you have limited space but want to add personality to your home, rugs are a great piece to include on your next shopping list! Area rugs are a simple addition that will liven up any space no matter the size of the room, because they are flat and space-efficient.

See the 13 photos here.

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