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Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

13 Ideas for Summer Family Fun

Summertime…the kids are out of school, the sun is shining and parents are likely on the verge of pulling their hair out as they desperately search for activities that will not only keep their restless offspring occupied, but won’t send the bank account spiraling into the red either. With summer camps and season pool passes costing a fortune, be sure to check out the following list of budget-savvy, family-friendly activities that are perfect for warmer weather.


1. Family campout. Plan a campout in your backyard by setting up tents and above ground pools, as this just isn’t a marvelous way to spend some time with the family but as it’s in your backyard – You get to decide when the pool closes. Don’t worry about spending a ton of money on a tent if you don’t already own one – throw a tarp down along with some pillows and blankets and snooze out under the stars. Don’t forget the bug spray!

2. Take a hike. Go on a hike and pack a picnic lunch. Consider something like a nature scavenger hunt to keep your kids engaged.

3. Have a water fight. Small water guns and balloons can be picked up at your local dollar store, and plastic cups and buckets from your kitchen cabinets can be equally useful.

4. Go fish! Plan a fishing trip at a nearby lake or stream.

5. Go tubing down a local river. Tractor tire inner tubes can be purchased at a farm supply store for less than $10 (usually) and are perfect for this leisurely activity.

6. Water fun. Create a slip-n-slide in your back yard with a large tarp and some dish soap.

7. More water fun. Make your own sprinkler system with a water hose and a plastic, 2-liter bottle that has a few holes poked in the side.

8. Have a bonfire. Roast hotdogs for dinner and make s’mores for dessert.

9. Sweet treats. Make homemade ice cream.

10. Sidewalk art. Decorate your sidewalk or driveway with an intricate chalk mural.

11. Party time. Throw a neighborhood potluck party.

12. Make some extra money. Help your kids set up a neighborhood lemonade stand or car wash event.

13. Find local entertainment. Check out your local library and area museums or recreation centers for seasonal events.

Although many summertime staples do cost a lot of money, there are plenty of ways to keep you and your family busy this season without spending a fortune.

Guest blogger Melissa King is a DealPro and founder of savings blog, She’s dedicated to sharing the best deals, honest reviews, and advice with moms from around the country and Military bases overseas. 

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