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Posted by on Feb 14, 2018 in Guest Posts, Travel | 0 comments

13 Top Destinations to Visit in 2018

The new year is always characterized by change as people seek to improve their diets, get budgets back on track, and resolve to do something different — like travel to a new place.

To help you stick to your travel resolution — and make vacation planning easier — we’ve carefully compiled a list of 13 must-visit destinations for this year. Each location earned its spot on our list for its blend of unique beauty, culture, and a significant reason why you should visit this year.

Plus, we’ve packed this guide with tips for strategically planning your travel with coupons so you can fit your 2018 vacation within your 2018 budget. Adventure awaits, so put those vacation days to good use!

top 10 destinations MaltaMalta


Jet off to Malta for a cultural experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Located in the southern Mediterranean, the island has a rich history of influence from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Travel buffs are currently flocking to the capital city of Valletta, which was named 2018’s European Capital of Culture, to savor its food, architecture, and blend of customs.

While Malta has been a well-kept secret among the savviest travelers, word about the island is spreading worldwide. So make sure to check out the best travel deals if you plan to travel to Malta – or any destination on this list – to avoid spending more than you should on your trip.

top 10 destinations san antonio texasSan Antonio, Texas


San Antonio is excited to celebrate its 300th anniversary this year, and it’s easy to understand why. The Texan city is steeped in Mexican colonial history and boasts five recently named UNESCO World Heritage Sites – including the famous Alamo. With a newly renovated River Walk district, revamped city parks, and rich entertainment offerings, visitors to San Antonio will witness the cultural renaissance of one of the most legendary – and affordable – cities in the United States.

top 10 destinations baliBali


Travelers seeking affordable luxury in a tropical paradise should head straight to the Indonesian island of Bali. The island, renowned for its religious sites, iconic scenery, and health retreats, has long been a favorite among travelers. But this year, Bali is set to debut many renovated and new resorts worth seeing in person. And with the expansion of the island’s international airport, Bali is much easier to reach.

top destinations cubaCuba


Cuba is on the radar for travelers everywhere for its Latin charm and cities that seem frozen in time. Though it has been a popular destination worldwide, recent changes in U.S. travel regulations have made the island nation more accessible to American visitors. Trot the cobblestone streets in the city of Old Havana or watch classic cars cruise through the town of Viñales for a getaway that will transport you back to another era.

top destinations morocco casa blancaMorocco


Morocco has long enchanted travelers for its iconic and exotic culture infused with Berber, Arab and European influences. And with the upcoming launch of the country’s first high-speed rail line in 2018, Morocco will be easier and more affordable for travelers to visit.

The North African country boasts cities that appeal to any type of traveler. Architecture buffs can explore ancient Medina of Tangier, history geeks can soak up the Hispano-Moorish heritage of Tétouan, and the recently opened Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakesh will be sure to inspire any art enthusiast.

top destinations tallinn estonia europeTallinn, Estonia


Plan an adventure in overlooked Tallinn for a classic European vacation without the classically expensive prices. Estonia’s capital city, located on the Baltic Sea, draws visitors for its walkability, medieval architecture, and modern culture. The city is particularly famous for its rich spa traditions, making it an ideal health destination that won’t break the bank.

top destinations new orleans nolaNew Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans has rightfully earned its nickname “The Big Easy” for its laid-back attitude. The city’s remarkably easy to visit for its gourmet cuisine, notorious nightlife, boutique hotels, and world-class entertainment at surprisingly reasonable prices compared to other major cities. New Orleans’ vibrant history as a melting pot of European, Caribbean, Latin American, African and indigenous cultures give the city its famously distinct personality. And with the city celebrating its tricentennial in 2018, it has scheduled many special events for visitors to enjoy this year.

top destinations patagonia chile Route of Parks, Chile


2018 will be an exciting year for eco-tourists in the Patagonia region of Chile due to the newly completed Route of Parks highway that networks 17 Patagonian national parks, which all draw visitors worldwide for their raw and epic landscapes. Travelers along the network will enjoy never-before-seen views and convenience. Be one of the first to experience the destination and secure the ultimate bragging rights by visiting this year.

top destinations cambodia phnom penhCambodia


The Southeast Asian country of Cambodia is poised to be one of the hottest places to travel in 2018. The country regularly draws visitors for its lush coastline, rich wildlife, and ancient ruins. However, the world has its eyes on the historically and culturally significant city of Phnom Penh, which is the setting for critically acclaimed drama “First They Killed My Father.” Pack your bags for a travel experience of unparalleled natural beauty and enriching history lessons in Cambodia.

top destinations seville spain espanaSeville, Spain


See the #1 city to visit in 2018, according to Lonely Planet, by getting a head start on planning a trip to Seville. The Spanish city has a rich artistic past and is celebrating the 400th anniversary of legendary painter Bartolomé Esteban Murillo with special events throughout the year. But old meets new in the historic city, with a brand-new network of bike paths and tram lines that make exploring its famous cathedrals and palaces easier than ever.

top destinations caribbeanCaribbean Islands


The Caribbean had a relentless hurricane season in 2017 that, when it was over,  left countless islands devastated. But with the region now in the process of rebuilding, you can help by visiting this year. There are plenty of hotels and activities now open for business, and many that were completely unaffected by the storms. Plan your tropical getaway to world-class beaches and dining to boost the recovery process through tourism in the Caribbean.

top destinations pyeongchang south korea olympics 2018Pyeongchang, South Korea


With the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea is ready for visitors to experience one of Asia’s best ski destinations. Sports and nature lovers will be happy to explore the region year-round, with hiking and renowned white-water rafting for those who don’t prefer snow. And travelers can expect to experience authentic Korean culture at the area’s resorts that dish out local cuisine and entertainment.

top destinations addis ababa ethiopiaAddis Ababa, Ethiopia


The world is buzzing about Addis Ababa for its new highways and airport additions that make the cultural hot spots throughout Ethiopia more accessible than ever to explore. The country is the birthplace of the first modern humans, home to ancient religious ruins, and where the coffee bean claims its origin. Visitors to the city of Addis Ababa will also discover the country’s famous cuisine, artisanal coffee, and a local Jazz music scene at legendary night clubs.

Start Planning a Trip to One of the Year’s Hottest Destinations

For travel in 2018, it’s all out with the old and in with the new. Trends and upcoming events worldwide are completely shaking up the tourism industry. More than ever, vacationers are going after authentic cultural experiences and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

While the year has just started, remember not to wait too long before planning your next adventure. It’s crucial to book as early as possible to get the best deal on any trip. That way, you can spend more time worrying about sightseeing and less about penny-pinching.

Jena has nearly six years of experience as a writer, marketer, and designer for numerous publications and organizations. With a passion for fun stories, and her background in fashion and technology, Jena shares fresh insights on the latest consumer trends and saving solutions.