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Posted by on Oct 28, 2013 in Halloween | 1 comment

20 Alternatives To Halloween Candy

It’s almost Halloween which means trick-or-treaters will be filling the streets. Are you tired of sugar-loaded sweets and want to pass out some non-candy yet fun goodies? Do you need to provide for a classroom party but there are allergens to avoid? Here is a list of 20 alternatives to candy and any unwanted ingredients.

20 alternatives to halloween candy

  1. Bubbles
  2. Glow sticks, necklaces, wands, glasses
  3. Stickers
  4. Pencils
  5. Fake/plastic bugs
  6. Cool tattoo/character Band aids
  7. Mini crayon packs
  8. Mini tubs of Play-Doh
  9. Hair bows, barrettes, clips
  10. Erasers
  11. Mini slinkies
  12. Bouncy balls
  13. Mini nail polish
  14. Temporary tattoos (Halloween themed or popular characters)
  15. Mini plastic army guys
  16. Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars
  17. Plastic vampire fangs
  18. Whistles/other noise makers
  19. Mini water squirt guns
  20. Fake jewelry (rings, necklaces, bracelets)

What do you plan on giving out to trick-or-treaters?

Guest blogger Melissa Cox is a DealPro and founder of website, where she helps others learn how to save money, live frugally and her motto is “Frugal does not mean I am cheap.”


1 Comment

  1. If you are passing out non-candy items, PLEASE paint your pumpkin a teal color. That is the way to signal.

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