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Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 in Halloween, Home & Garden | 0 comments

20 Top Halloween Yard Decorations

With Halloween 2015 falling on a Saturday, there’s no excuse to carve a pumpkin and call it a night. Trends bubbling out of the cauldron this year include bigger, bolder yard decorations. The National Retail Federation estimates that nearly one-third of the $10 million consumers spend on Halloween goes into decorations. Halloween retailers say 80% of their biggest sales gains last year were in indoor and outdoor decorations.

Whether they use compressed air, miniature motors or software, these otherworldly additions are getting big banner sections on retailer websites. We’ve got coupon codes for all of them to help you pull off a hauntingly good atmosphere.

Here are some of the best trends we’ve found.

Pennywise is Back
The 1990 movie It was the stuff of Gen X nightmares. This 6-foot-tall, motion-activated Pennywise the Dancing Clown figure snarls and turns its head. Put him in your backyard haunted house and he’ll scare the tricksters away.

Pennywise Clown - Spirit Halloween

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Skeletal Scares
Eerie animal bones are a huge trend this year. Go for the creepy museum look with cats, scorpions and other creatures, or evoke all-out terror with a skeleton spider attached to a human skull – another nod to It. 

skeleton- spider - hweenexpress

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Don’t Give Up the Ghost
Amidst all the zombies and reapers and dismemberment, it seems the ghost has been forgotten as a Halloween decoration. This year, add one, and don’t opt for a beach ball and a sheet when you can hang this sound-activated spinning spirit in your yard. Buy it at Walmart and save on shipping when you pick it up in the store.

spinning ghost - walmart

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Zombies and Moonshine
Maybe because Halloween is on a Saturday, adults will be rocking the party scene. Set the mood with a zombie that pops in and out of a moonshine barrel.

Moonshine Barrel Zombie- Spirit

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Hangman Horrors
He cackles diabolically as he tries to struggle out of his noose. This animatronic hanged victim refuses to die – until you turn him off.  Hang in a tree or go all out and build a gallows.

hanging kicking scarecrow-halloween costumes

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A Bloody Good Scare
Here lies John Doe, toe-tag and all – until his bloody, sheet-covered body rises up and raises your guests’ blood pressure. You control the movement with a footpad that’s sold separately.

john doe animated

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Bewitching Cauldron
These weird sisters stand 5-feet tall, their eyes glowing yellow as they cackle over a strangely illuminated brew. Your guests will be eager to see what other tricks you’ve cooked up for them.

witches cauldron- home depot

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Inflatable Headless Horseman
Your yard will command attention with this 90″ x 41″ x 107″ air-blown graveyard scene. More cartoonish than scary, it features a spooky tree and the headless horseman from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

headless horseman inflatable - spirit

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Wretched Reaper Fogger
Don’t fear the Reaper. He only attacks with fog as his head turns from side to side, but he’s sure to startle your guests as they wonder whether he will spring. A hidden hose attaches to most standard 400w, 700w, and 1000w fog machines.

Reaper Animated fogger-HallExpressHalloween Express Coupon Codes

Crawling Giant Spiders
Like something out of a horror movie, this remote-controlled brown spider is a terrifying 13 inches across. Imagine it crawling after your innocent visitors. Or imagine a dozen … if you dare.
remote control brown spider

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Creepy Black Owl
He stays hidden in the blackness of your tree branches until a noise activates his wings, makes his eyes glow a fierce red and causes him to hoot menacingly.

black owl - hallexpress

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Fire and Ice Winged Dragon
At 9-feet-tall, this dragon guards your yard fiercely with flapping wings and a fiery red glowing mouth. The plug-in fan keeps it inflated; tethers keep it in place. Not too high on the terror scale.

dragon inflatable - costume express

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New Digital Effects
Project a hoard of ghostly figures or holographic phantoms onto a window or a wall with AtmosFX digital effects DVDs. Use your HDTV, projector or monitor to make your fright night festivities seem more life-like than ever.

AtmosfearFX DVD - hallexpress

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Motion-activating Foot Pad
You spent days creating the scene, now control the action! This brand new item is what spook house aficionados have been waiting for: a motion-activation foot pad that triggers your animatronics to move. It’s perfect for a haunted house.

step_herepad- hallexpress

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Floating Skull Door Hanger
This 7-foot-tall wraith floats over an entry way, casting an apprehensive mood for trick-or-treaters or party guests. No bells or whistles with this one, just a silent, imposing specter.

floating skull-foor - costume express

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Swinging Reaper
Hanging and swinging ghouls are another trend this year. This non-animatronic reaper on a swing attaches to porch ceilings or trees. It will catch the eyes of visitors as it sways in the autumn breeze.

swinging reaper- costume express

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Low-tech Thrills: Glow in the Dark Paint
It doesn’t move, it doesn’t scream, but glow in the dark spray paint can turn up the creep factor on any surface: costumes, statues, simple cardboard gravestones or the path through your haunted house display.

spriti- glow in dark spray

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Non-scary Favorite
If you get a lot of little ones in your neighborhood, you’ll want to soothe instead of scare. This Minion Bob inflatable does the job. It blows up just four-feet-tall to greet your littlest trick-or-treaters with a reassuring smile.

minionbob inflatable- costume express

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Disco is Officially Dead
A new twist on an old school staple, this mirrored skull rotates from a battery-operated spinner. Hook it in front of a window, a tree or a ceiling and spotlight it for a dazzling effect. It’s an adult costume party necessity!

skull disco ball

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 Haunted Forest
A minimalist decoration that requires nothing more than your own landscaping. By day it’s subtly spooky, if anyone notices at all. But train a colored spotlight on the face and arms at night and you’ll spook the neighborhood. Buy a bunch and create your own Wizard of Oz Haunted Forest.

haunted face on tree

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Beware: Some of these Halloween yard decorations can be expensive, but if you choose carefully, buy early (or after the holiday on sale) and use Halloween coupon codes, they might be a frightfully good investment for years to come.

Marie Hickman, Digital Content Writer at Valpak, focuses on what’s new in couponing, money-saving tips, entertaining and home improvement.

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