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Posted by on Jul 27, 2016 in Back To School, Shopping | 0 comments

2016 Back-To-School Shopping During the Tax-Free Weekend

back to school shopping

It’s that time of the year that shoppers and savers have been waiting for: tax-free weekend. Whether you have children or not, back-to-school is the time to save big on products from clothing, to school supplies, to backpacks and accessories. With families of all shapes and sizes swarming to grab the latest deals during the tax-free holiday, a few tips and tricks on navigating through your local tax-free weekend is essential.

Which Items are Tax Free?

The items that are and are not tax free fluctuate. For example, Florida has a limitation on the cost of the item available as tax-free. Check out the Federation of Tax Administrators to verify what is tax-free in your area, but here are the goods that you will most typically see available for a tax-free purchase:

  • Clothing, shoes, outerwear
  • School supplies such as pencils, notebooks, binders and planners
  • Accessories such as backpacks and carrying cases
  • Electronics – laptops, tablets, e-readers

Savings Tip and Strategies

If you have kids, then you know that every dollar counts when it comes to providing for them. So while it might not be an…ahem…enjoyable experience having to make your way through the masses of like-minded money-savers searching for back-to-school supplies and outfits, there are ways to prepare to ensure you make the most of your tax-free weekend.

The most important tip is to prepare. Look for items you know you need to buy and where you can get the best deal. Most stores have already added deals on top of the tax-free weekend savings, so look for a store that will have the best savings available.

Coupons! Check online for printable coupons or online coupon codes you can redeem at the cash-register or save online for deep discounts. Consider this – you’ll be saving big by not paying taxes, then you’ll be saving even more with the discounted items most stores are providing. Add a coupon on top of that? You. Can’t. Lose.

Cover all your bases. Find all the discounts and file all your coupons; and you’ll be coming home with a ton of extra money in your pocket and your sanity in check…maybe even a smile on your face too with all the money you’ll save. All because you did your research before jumping headfirst into the mass of deals without any sense of direction.

Best Places to Shop for Deals

There will be deals everywhere, but there are some key places that provide both amazing savings as well as the latest trends you and your kids will love. Stop by JCPenney and Kohl’s to get the essentials your children will need – stylish and durable clothes with all the name brands you love. Target has got to be the go-to place for everything you will need; stop by a Super Target and you’ll be able to grab everything from back-to-school outfits, school supplies, backpacks, electronics and even dinner! Are you a tech family? Grab the latest gear at Best Buy or for some great back-to-school deals that both you and your kids can take advantage of. Try another all-in-one store such as Office Depot for all your kids’ school supply needs, plus the latest tech.

Even though Amazon Prime day has recently passed, don’t be surprised to see some amazing deals from them as well. Amazon is typically a little more discreet about the deals that happen on their website, so be sure to check them out to save big!

List of States Participating in Tax-Free Weekend

Find your state to see when your tax-free weekend will go on, as well as the goods that will be available.

Alabama: August 5-7

Arkansas: August 6-7

Connecticut: August 21-27

Florida: August 5-7

Georgia: July 30-31

Iowa: August 5-6

Louisiana: August 5-6

Maryland: August 14-20

Mississippi: July 29-30

Missouri: August 5-7

New Mexico: August 5-7

Ohio: August 5-7

Oklahoma: August 5-7

South Carolina: August 5-7

Tennessee: July 29-31

Texas: August 5-7

Virginia: August 5-7

Jennifer Merrigan is a Digital Copywriter at Valpak.

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