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Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 in Holiday, How To | 0 comments

25 Ways to Shake Off the Holiday Blues

shake off holiday blues

The holidays can be a magical time of year for some, but it can be a stressful, hectic, even melancholy time for others. If you’re just not feeling that holiday spirit, don’t stew – do! Here are 25 quick and easy ways to spread cheer and banish the holiday blues.

  1. Thank a server or retail clerk for great service, and tell the manager.
  2. Offer to help a neighbor take down their Christmas decorations, or shovel their driveway.
  3. Send a holiday card to an elderly neighbor, or even better, pay them a visit with a special treat.
  4. Let that car merge in front of you, even if they didn’t use their blinker.
  5. Hold the door for someone.
  6. Compliment a total stranger.
  7. Offer a sympathetic word to the frazzled mom with the tantruming toddler.
  8. Let go of a grudge. Write it a detailed letter as if it were a person, and then burn the letter on New Year’s Eve.
  9. Buy a hot holiday toy for your local toy drive.
  10. Purge your closets and donate your used items to a local charity.
  11. Offer to babysit for a single parent while they get some shopping and wrapping done.
  12. Pay the toll or tab for the person behind you.
  13. Contact your utility about paying the electric bill for a needy family.
  14. Invite someone without family to your holiday dinner.
  15. Listen to someone’s woes. Really listen uncritically.
  16. If you are really into grocery couponing, donate your haul to charity.
  17. If you don’t normally tip a service provider during the holidays, choose one or two and give them a really nice gift card.
  18. Top off someone’s parking meter.
  19. Apologize to someone you have wronged. ‘Tis the season for random outreach.
  20. If someone has had an influence on your life, thank them in person or in an e-mail. They may not even know they had an impact.
  21. Help someone with an errand that makes their life easier, like shopping for a party.
  22. Leave holiday cards on your co-workers’ desks.
  23. Donate your used-but-still-good party decorations to a nursing home.
  24. Play Secret Santa and leave (or mail) a grocery store gift card or gas station card to someone in need.
  25. If the holidays really give you the blues, look forward. Make a New Year’s resolution, read an inspirational book, vow to better your finances.

In other words, step outside of yourself, if only for a short block of time, and focus on brightening someone’s day. Even one good deed done anonymously, is a lasting gift to the person receiving it. And it will instantly make your spirits brighter, too. Can it hurt to try?


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