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Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in How To | 0 comments

3 Cheap, Effective Potty Training Tricks

potty training BTB

It’s time for everyone to admit that none of us are parenting experts and there is no strategy that is going to work for every kid. Our kids are unique, changing day to day and sometimes minute to minute. Parents have to be flexible and willing to try new things. Potty training is one of those nightmare times when you have to try a lot of techniques to find one that works for your kid. And in that process, there will be accidents… there will be pee. Here are some hacks to get through the rough overnights!

Emergency Kit

One of the hardest parts of potty training is conquering the overnight. It’s hard to train your child on multiple things at once, so taking away overnight diapers and eliminating bedtime drinks of water is a lot. Unfortunately, your little one is probably going to have more than one accident in the middle of the night that you’re going to have to deal with.

Trick: Keep a prepared emergency kit packed and somewhere that’s easily accessible in the dark. Stuff it with new bedding and pajamas so you don’t have to go rifling through closets and drawers. I keep my kit in a wet bag so that the soiled bedding can get tossed and sealed into the bag and wait until the morning to go into the laundry.

Potty Pads vs. Mattress Savers

Plastic mattress savers are great, and they do exactly what they are supposed to which is keep liquids from seeping into the mattress. However, they are loud and unpleasant for some children to sleep on. In some cases, like with my oldest daughter, there will be standoffs over whether anyone is going to sleep on the bed at all.

Trick: Try a reusable waterproof bed pad that is cloth and slides under the sheet. They aren’t really noticeable and are incredibly affordable. Put this on the bed while your darling child isn’t around to prevent any further protest.

Bathroom Nightlights

My friend’s daughter would lay in bed and cry because she had wet herself, but my friend couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t just go to the bathroom like during the day. It turns out she was afraid to get up and go in the dark but she also ws disturbed by the shock of turning on a bright light.

Trick: Get inexpensive nightlights in their room, the hall and the bathroom to provide them a lit path to the promise land. You can also try a toilet nightlight which makes sitting on a dark potty less intimidating as they can see nothing is in the toilet stalking them.

Potty training success is all about patience and trial and error. Your child will have accidents, but it’s important to encourage them rather than chastise them. As frustrating as it is to get up in the middle of the night, try some of these tricks to help you keep your cool.

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