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Posted by on Aug 1, 2017 in Guest Posts, Home & Garden | 0 comments

3 Quick Ways to Update Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

update your home on a budget

If you watch a lot of home improvement shows, it may seem like you need to take out five walls and have a six-figure renovation budget to truly transform your house. But the truth is, you don’t need a construction crew and deep pockets to dramatically change the look of your home.

There are easy ways to make rooms feel fresh without tearing down walls or go into full-on reno mode. Painting is an obvious way to liven up any room, but is not usually considered quick or easy. And painting can get expensive fast, not to mention frustrating with drips, edges, and trim.

So, put back your tools and paintbrushes, and, instead, take a look at three simple and inexpensive ways to update your home without the stress of getting involved in a large-scale project.

update your home on a budget bathroom

1. A Little Money Goes a Long Way in the Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the quickest rooms in your home to update because much of its style comes from accessories.

The first place to start is the shower. A new curtain can make an immediate difference in the room’s aesthetic. Need a big pop of color? Try a bright red or a vibrant color-blocked style. Want a more subdued look? Stick with gray or blue patterns.

From there, you can match bath mats, hand towels, and even body towels to your theme. And to make sure you get matching colors, consider purchasing them all from the same store — like LinenSource. Not only does LinenSource have an extensive collection of colors for the bathroom, but you can also save big by using a LinenSource coupon code.

Once you update those parts of your bathroom, you can add a decorative soap dispenser, a plant to the shelves above the toilet, or a curtain to a window. Once you have all of the items you want, a bathroom upgrade is only 15 minutes away.

update your home on a budget plants mirrors

2. Plants and Mirrors Help Open Up Any Living Space

When you are trying to spruce up a small room on a budget, adding more stuff is usually not the way to go. Tips on making a small room feel bigger and Pinterest ideas for maximizing small spaces abound — but most don’t come cheap.

One of the most cost-effective ways to open up a small room is by adding a mirror to give the illusion of depth. It doesn’t have to be a perfectly framed Victorian-style mirror, either. You could pick one up from a second-hand store that would have the same effect.

On the flip side, if a room is too big, you can have a problem making it look full, and you definitely don’t want to add any mirrors to a room that already feels large. One of the quickest ways to make a large space more cozy is by adding some plants.

Real plants, especially larger ones, can be cumbersome to care for and cost prohibitive because of availability. Consider, instead, buying an artificial plant from a retailer like Home Depot. Not only will you save time on upkeep, but it also won’t ever grow, meaning you can keep it in the same place for years. And to maximize savings, make sure you use a Home Depot coupon code to keep the price from growing, as well.

update your home on a budget bedroom furniture

3. Refresh Your Bedroom with Updated Furnishings

While other rooms of your house need to look good for guests, the bedroom is your private domain, meaning a makeover should be meant to impress you — first and foremost.

Curtains, which are an inexpensive place to start, heavily accentuate a room’s theme because of their size. But be sure to choose the color or pattern wisely, as the colors in your bedroom could impact how much sleep you get.

And, speaking of sleep, don’t forget your bed when you update your room. A stylish bedspread, sheet set, or pillows can change a room’s feel in as little as the time it takes to make the bed. But the ultimate bedroom upgrade is the place where you spend the most time: the bed itself.

While a new bed might be your largest expense in revamping your room, you can save quite a bit by taking advantage of online mattress deals. A new bed could also save you from back pain and sleeplessness. A new mattress is also a good investment, as it could easily last 10 years with proper care.

Easily Make Your House Look — And Feel — Like Home

You don’t need a TV camera crew following you from room to room as you demolish walls to feel like you have accomplished a meaningful upgrade to your home. You can get the same feeling in minutes just by placing a few key items around the house.

With a little research — and the help of a few savings resources — you can come in well under budget. In fact, by combining coupons, deals, and other offers, you could easily update your entire home without making a big dent in your bank account.

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