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Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Guest Posts, Savings Advice, Travel | 0 comments

3 Sizzling Savings Hacks for Summer 2017

summer savings hacks

The blazing heat of summer means heading to the nearest beach, pool, or lake to cool off. But it isn’t just temperatures that rise as summer approaches, so do the prices on many summer styles and products as retailers look to make the most of the season, too.

But we’ve learned that with a little planning, there are ways to get the best prices on everything from clothing to vacations, and even bargains for the backyard — if you know where, and when, to look.

1. Save on Father’s Day Gifts with Discounts on Tools and Grills

Many retailers offer special discounts around Father’s Day in late June, and there are plenty of good deals for summer products on every dad’s wish list. And you don’t even have to be buying for dad to take advantage of savings.

Generally speaking, June is not the best month to buy a grill — according to Consumer Reports that would be October — but Father’s Day sales can provide a discount window that may make the purchase worth it, especially if you are planning to be cooking outside all summer.

If dad needs some new tools, Father’s Day sales are usually a safe bet because of the discounts retailers will offer — sometimes as high as 25%. But if you don’t need the tools for dad, you may be able to save more by waiting. Tools are often discounted further in July, as those same retailers have extra stock to clear out from Father’s Day promotions.

But grills and tools are just the tip of the iceberg, as you can find coupons and savings from a long list of retailers — both in-store and online — around Father’s Day. Just make sure to take advantage of them during the window they are offered as many sales last for a week or less.

2. Mid-Summer Means Markdowns on Summer Clothes for the Family

Buying new clothes for the summer can be an expensive proposition, especially if you are outfitting the whole family.

While sales are hard to find early in the summer, by the time the season hits its midpoint, retailers will begin discounting items so they can move them before fall. And many large clothing retailers, like Old Navy, Macy’s, and Kohl’s, offer coupons and promotions that can be paired with midsummer sales to save even more.

For instance, you can stack Kohl’s promotions like free shipping on top of other coupon codes — Kohl’s allows four per transaction — to save a bundle when you pair them with other markdowns and sales.

You certainly don’t want to pay full price for clothing during summer, so waiting to shop for vacation clothes until halfway through the season can be a great way to get new styles at discount prices.

3. Afford Your Next Vacation — Or Staycation — With Travel Rewards

You don’t have to wait until the last minute to save on a summer vacation, as there are easy ways you can work toward it all year round — by earning rewards for everyday purchases.

By using a credit card with travel rewards, you can rack up air miles for easy redemption on your next plane ticket. You’ll want to look for a travel credit card with no annual fee or one where the fee is waived the first year to really maximize the savings.

After racking up some rewards, it is best to heed the advice of experts about where to go and how to save when you get there. Travel agents have plenty of tips on how to make the most of your money, like staying at an all-inclusive property to take advantage of all of the extras that come with package deals — like snorkeling lessons or food tastings.

And doing your research before a vacation can lead to plenty of savings as well. By knowing everything you can about the destination, you can learn to live like a local and unearth interesting places to go that aren’t tourist traps.

Know What to Buy & When to Save Big This Summer

Whether you’re hitting the beach for a week with your friends, grilling in the backyard with your family, or looking for a more exotic vacation destination this summer, you shouldn’t have to drain your bank account to have a great time.

But things don’t come cheap during the summer — unless you know the tricks of the trade. Knowing when and where to find the best deals means you can afford the holidays, vacations, and warm weather that comes with the season.

Retailers have already started stocking up on sought-after summer items, and now you know how to pay the lowest price for what you need.

Lauren Keys is editor-in-chief at, an online publication that highlights the retail industry’s movers and shakers, up-and-coming startups, influencers, business solutions, and more. With deep dives into brands and trends, DealCrunch keeps readers informed of relevant industry and retail news.