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Posted by on Apr 8, 2015 in Mother's Day | 1 comment

3 Unique Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Three-Unique-Ways-To-Celebrate-Mothers-DayShhhh. Did you hear that? Those softly spoken words, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!”

If ever there was a great day worth celebrating, I would put May 10th at the top of the list. It is also a personal favorite holiday of mine. (Sorry, Dads out there!)

Whether it is your mom, aunt, grandmother, sister, best friend or some other extraordinary female that has taken on the special role to raise or influence your life, do something special to honor and thank her this year.

Before you head to the store to find the perfect gift and plan your annual brunch for your mom at her favorite restaurant, why not try something special and unique this year. There are many different ways to celebrate Mother’s Day. But how do you make the most of that time and ensure that she has a fabulous day? Here are a few different ideas that may help spark some imagination.

A Day Together
Make mom feel like a queen for the day. Start her off with a specially made breakfast at home. Then pack a lunch and take her on an adventure from the heart. Depending on your mom, she may enjoy a day at the park, beach or going on a family hike. Spending time together is what matters most. Sprinkle in some delightful surprises throughout her day, such as her favorite foods, handwritten letters or some chocolate on her pillow before bed.

A Walk Down Memory Lane
Without the support of your mom, your greatest accomplishments may not have happened. Turn her day into a wonderful celebration filled with memories. Gather photos, trinkets or any heartfelt items that you could turn into a shadow box, scrapbook or even a collection to hand to her with specially filled notes. You can make the memories last longer than just a day; write down 52 memories, one for each week of the year and put them in a decorative box.

Social Media Overload
Can’t be with your mom this Mother’s Day? There are still ways to celebrate for those who do not have the privilege of spending the day with mom. Send her flowers to work or home. Then dress up and plan a lunch or dinner Skype date. Social media is a great place to tell your mom how much you love her all day long. For every hour of the day, post on her Facebook wall or Twitter account. Send her thoughtful words of love, videos of songs from YouTube and personal pictures. Believe me, she will love every minute of it!

A unique or one of a kind celebration is something that will leave your mom feeling special and loved. I hope that these ideas spark some influence and help you plan your Mother’s Day celebration.

Jen Schreiner is a DealPro and founder of blog. She’s dedicated to sharing her frugal living tips & tricks through the use of couponing and personal money savings ideas and articles.

1 Comment

  1. One of my fondest memories and pictures was with my Grandmother that raised me from a very young age. It was an Easter Sunday with my little brother and my cousin who I never saw as a cousin but more like my own child because he was raised with us, but I mainly spent more time with him than his mother in which was my aunt. I had a funky hair do that day I’d despise and was an awkward looking young girl that grew up to be a beautiful woman. I was always cute in my special way but never on pictures even until this day. I’m better looking in person than I am on camera or film. I will never forget my grandmother because her legacy she left for me is greater than anything that money can’t buy is the gift of knowledge and finding it for yourself. I love you Big Mama forever and always. Your granddaughter Michelle.

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