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Posted by on Oct 17, 2013 in Halloween, How To | 0 comments

4 and More Easy DIY Dollar Store Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. Do you have your costumes ready? Did you know that the typical store-bought costume costs about $25-$50 each? For a family of 4, that is easily $100-$200 out of your Halloween budget. Wouldn’t you much rather spend that on treats to give out or throw a Halloween party?

We’ll show you how easy it is to save a lot of money and come up with some creative costumes, all using items you can find at your local dollar store!

Here are just four examples of DIY costumes made from dollar store items:


Ninja Collage

From the dollar store:
Ninja vest
Ninja hood
Ninja accessory set (Chinese star and headband)

Total cost: $4.00


Fairy Collage

From the dollar store:
Fairy wings

Total cost: $4.00 (I also found a tutu and slippers at the dollar store that could be used for this costume, but they were too small for my daughter)


Military Collage

From the dollar store:
Chest plate
Arm plates

Total cost: $5.00


Princess Collage

From the dollar store:

Total cost: $5.00 (I also found a tutu and heels at the dollar store that could be used for this costume, but they were too small for my daughter)

We just used t-shirts and pants/skirts from home to complete the costumes. Our total cost (before tax) at the dollar store for these costumes was $28.00. We were able to put together four costumes for less than the price of most store-bought costumes. What a savings!

For adults, we found a variety of accessories that would make for great costumes. In fact, we used accessories from the dollar store to make an adult clown costume last year. There are accessories for pirates, zombies, and doctors, just to name a few.

In addition to Halloween, we enjoy buying these items to make dress-up totes for birthday gifts. Kids enjoy it because they can spend hours and hours using their imagination, while parents enjoy it because the kids spend hours and hours playing with it and not getting bored.

Other ways to use your dollar store finds for Halloween:

  • Mix and match pieces to make your own character. For example, you could easily mix and match the costumes above to make combination costumes, such as a Ninja Princess.  You’re not limited to what’s included in the typical costumes.
  • Use face paint. I found a variety of face paints available at the dollar stores. You can use it to paint your face like a clown, pirate, or zombie. The options are endless!
  • Check out the craft supply aisle. For a few dollars, you can take poster board, paint, and ribbon, and use your creative imagination to come up with a completely unique costume.
  • Add to your store-bought costume. Even if you decide to purchase a full costume elsewhere, you can find accessories to enhance your costume and make it a little different from the others who are wearing the same thing.  You can add a wig and change up the look completely.
  • Make your own trick-or-treat bag. Buy colorful tote bags and paint from the dollar store to decorate your own treat bag. You can even make it to coordinate with your costume.

What are some costumes you would make from your dollar store finds?

Guest blogger Maria Tiongco Ramos is a DealPro and founder of A Savings WOW!, a website dedicated to helping you enjoy your life without breaking the bank.



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