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Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Guest Posts, Mother's Day | 0 comments

4 Strategies for Saving on Mother’s Day Celebrations

Every year presents a long list of holidays that require you to spend money, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Mom’s always been there for you, and now you want to show her your gratitude. However, she probably wouldn’t be very proud if she knew you had to take on credit card debt or cut back on your own vacation plans just to show her a special day.

To give your mother the day she deserves without dealing a big blow to your own finances, follow these tips:

4 Strategies for Saving on Mother's Day Celebrations

1. Save on Restaurants

Whether you’re planning a brunch, lunch, or a sit-down dinner, there are plenty of opportunities to save on restaurants. Search the internet for special coupon deals on restaurants near you.

Once you’ve chosen a place to dine, save more by skipping that appetizer. Fill up on those pre-meal freebies and drink water instead of a pricey bottle of wine. If you skip dessert and prepare mom her favorite on your own, you can enjoy it at home after your meal, and save some extra cash as well.

2. Consider a More Creative Gift

Instead of dropping a load of cash on designer shoes, a new dress, or an expensive piece of jewelry, save yourself some money by getting a little more creative. Offer to do mom’s household chores for a month, go grocery shopping for her, cook her a few nice meals, or even offer to repaint the house. You can deliver these “gifts” to mom as homemade coupons printed on color paper in a nice font. Assort them in a homemade gift basket, and throw in a few less expensive extras, like fresh fruit or low-cost chocolates.

3. Reduce the Cost of Flowers

It can also be easy to overspend on a pretty bouquet of flowers if you’re not careful. Check out prices at Costco and Sam’s Club if you’re a member, or try Whole Foods Market for some inexpensive options if there’s a store in your area. You can even try hand-picking wildflowers on your own – just make sure mom isn’t allergic and you’re not crossing onto private property. Buy an inexpensive vase from the dollar store and you’re all set.

4. Celebrate for Free

Some quality personal time may all your mother wants, so if you don’t feel like digging for discounts or dining on the cheap, try celebrating Mother’s Day with free entertainment options. Take her to the park for a picnic. Attend a local museum or zoo that offers free admission. If you live near a public beach or pool, spend a refreshing day out in the sun. The possibilities are limitless, as long as you’re willing to devote some time to thinking outside the box.

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day may be special for mom, but it’s equally special for every merchant, restaurant, and retailer out there. Prices are traditionally jacked up well above average in anticipation of Mother’s Day to take advantage of your desire to make the day as special as you can for your mom. Don’t fall prey to this tactic. If you’re willing to get creative and do a little research, there are plenty of ways to conserve money. At the end of the day, your mom just may be proud that you saved all the money you could.

What ways can you think of to save on Mother’s Day?

Guest blogger David Bakke is a DealPro and is a contributor for Money Crashers Personal Finance, a website that strives to educate individuals in making wise choices about credit, debt, spending and more.

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