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Posted by on Sep 10, 2019 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

4 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States. Starting September 15th and running through October 15th, this month-long celebration is a time to gain a better understanding of the positive influence Hispanic and Latino Americans have had and how they have enhanced and shaped the national culture. Whether you are Latino, or you want to learn about a different culture, now is a great time to get involved. Here are 4 ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Cook a Hispanic Dinner

An important part of Hispanic culture is food. Host a dinner for your friends featuring traditional Hispanic foods. From margaritas to quesadillas, Hispanic food and drinks have been a fixture in many American restaurants for a while, but there are countless delicious dishes to try that are rich in history. Switch things up with ceviche or perhaps some empanadas. Do some research and learn about the origin of the dish so you can share it with your friends at dinner. Don’t forget to grab some coupons before you hit the grocery store.

Go on a Cultural Adventure

There’s no better way to embrace another culture than by going on an adventure. Visit a local Latino restaurant or venue. Get in touch with the culture and discover what it has to offer. Perhaps you take friends to celebrate Taco Tuesday at an authentic Mexican restaurant. Or maybe you all go out to a Latin nightclub to dance to some salsa music. This is a great opportunity to support Hispanic businesses and learn more about their customs.

Host a Movie Night

If you haven’t spoken Spanish since your 9th-grade foreign language class, don’t worry! Watching a Spanish-language film is a great way to practice your vocabulary and listening skills. It will allow you to see unique perspectives on Hispanic culture and gain exposure to different accents and slang. I recommend that you put on the subtitles so you can get a better understanding of what’s being said. There are numerous binge-worthy Spanish TV shows and movies available on streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Do an Office Charity

Another great way to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month is by supporting Hispanic and Latino focused causes. Host an office charity at work and you’ll likely get many donations in a short period of time. There are so many non-profit organizations that are worthy of donations. For example, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation identifies, inspires, prepares and positions Latino leaders in the classroom, community and workforce to meet America’s priorities. Another worthy option is the NALEO Educational Fund. This is the nation’s leading non-profit, non-partisan organization that facilitates full Latino participation in the American Political Process, from citizenship to public service.

However you choose to celebrate, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to be proud of the profound impact Latino people have had on the United States. It’s a time to show respect for a different culture and better understand the diverse world around you.

Joe Healy is a content marketing expert who enjoys traveling and leading an active lifestyle. 

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