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Posted by on Jul 14, 2017 in Guest Posts, Home & Garden | 0 comments

5 Affordable Ways to Get Your Outdoor Space Ready for Summer Shindigs

From grilling out with the family for the holidays to enjoying the warmer weather in the backyard with your friends, outdoor get-togethers are a staple of summer. And while getting ready for an indoor dinner party can be challenging, a memorable outdoor party — while often considered more low-key — takes some work, as well.

outdoor space summer

Just because an outdoor gathering is less formal doesn’t mean you want it to be less enjoyable. That means you need to make sure your outdoor space is in tip-top shape before you send out the invitations.

You could visit your local home improvement store for inspiration, but you might come back with some pretty expensive ideas. To keep your outdoor update more focused — and cost-effective — here are five ways you can spruce up your space while saving some money for your get together.

outdoor space summer shade sail outdoor umbrella

1. Save on Shades for the Day or Lights for the Night

Summer sun can be relaxing, but too much can leave you red in the face. If you are having people over during the day, providing a shady spot away from the rays is essential, so you need to be prepared.

Think about buying a large umbrella or shade sail for your deck or patio to provide guests with some relief. Shades range in prices, and, typically, the more you pay, the longer they will last. But if you want something portable and affordable, consider buying a couple of smaller party sails — and save even more by using a coupon code.

outdoor space summer

While an evening party takes the sun out of the equation, you do need some form of light to enjoy the festivities. While your back deck may have floodlights for everyday use, consider less dramatic lighting to set the right mood for your party. String lights are a great choice for both ease of installation and price, and they allow you to get pretty creative.

outdoor space summer deck paint stain

2. Make Your Deck Look New Again with Fresh Paint or Stain

To really get your deck ready for the summer, consider bringing it back to life by staining or painting it. If you like the wood grain look, a good stain can not only enhance its appearance, but also protect it against the elements.

patio design ideas home depot

On the other hand, the pros of painting a deck include the fact that you can use any color you want. The knocks on painting a deck are usually price and the fact that paint doesn’t hold up as well to foot traffic as stain does. But if you shop for deck paint designed to be durable — and check for Home Depot promo codes before you checkout — you can solve both of those problems.

Deck paint comes in a variety of colors and has advantages over stain because it can hide flaws in your wood. If you don’t want to look at cracks, splinters, screws, or nail holes, deck paint can cover them all and make your deck surface look clean and colorful.

outdoor space summer grill

3. Buy a New Grill in August & You Won’t Get Burned By High Prices

Now that you have your deck ready, it is time to turn your attention to one of the most important pieces of outdoor equipment: the grill. A good grill can be the centerpiece of any outdoor party and can cook anything from hamburgers and steaks to pizzas and sandwiches.

If you don’t own a grill — or if you want to upgrade — later in summer is a better time to buy. Prices on grills steadily drop as fall approaches and stock remains high, and August is considered the best time to buy a grill — as well as outdoor furniture.

outdoor space summer DIY

4. Our Favorite DIY Hacks to Help Refresh Your Outdoor Furnishings

While getting discounts on new items is exciting, you don’t always have to rush to the store to make sure your outdoor space is ready for summer. Here are some hacks that can revitalize the furniture and accessories you currently own:

outdoor space summer handyman

5. For More Involved Projects, Surf the Web for Professional Help

Many times, you can save some money by going the do-it-yourself route, but if you face a task that you can’t tackle on your own — or just don’t want to — consider calling for some cost-effective help. For instance, if you are trying to build a deck or repair a fence, hiring someone to help may be worth saving you time and hassle.

You can find a handyman for quick jobs in your area using a board like Craigslist or go even further by visiting Fixability — to get advice, find a local company and save money in the process. Or use Thumbtack to select the type of project you need done and have area businesses and handymen bid on your job and give you estimates.

Leaving the big work to the professionals is often the best way to go, but don’t forget to shop around for the best price.

Save on Updates and Celebrate Summer Before It’s Gone

Getting your outdoor space shindig-ready may take some work, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. If you find good deals or discounts on the items you need — from sun shades to lighting to deck paint — you can easily bring down the cost with a little research.

Then you can be ready to throw some grub on the grill and entertain your guests day or night before summer is gone.

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