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Posted by on Nov 26, 2014 in Holiday | 13 comments

5 Best Tips for Cyber Monday Saving

Cyber-Monday-TipsWhile more money may be spent on Black Friday, more families are prone to shop Cyber Monday instead. Cyber Monday shoppers are always looking for the best deal. We want to be sure you are saving the most money as possible! Take a look at my top 5 tips for saving BIG on Cyber Monday below.

1. Know what to shop for. Make sure you know what to shop for on Cyber Monday. Many major sales will begin one second after midnight on the Monday after Thanksgiving, but there are also several that may carry out online for two, or more days later. You will need to know where to devote your focus, after all, it is the entire world at your finger tips and the shopping possibilities are endless.

I always begin my Cyber Monday shopping with electronics, but you may also need to place your attention on toys if they are on your list. The top toys and electronics are always going to be on sale first, and for the shortest amount of time so be certain you are ready.

2. Sign up for newsletters. Your favorite brands and stores all have newsletters and you should be on them. The main reason is there are always subscriber exclusives available in the form of deeper sales or free products with your purchase.

Shhhhhh…. another great secret of mine is to subscribe to small businesses that carry your favorite brands. Small online retailers usually have the best Cyber Monday bonuses for their customers!

3. Look for sites that do, or will, offer you free shipping. There is nothing worse than getting a fantastic deal only to learn the shipping expense doesn’t make it worth your time. Don’t waste your time shopping with online retailers that are not offering free shipping on Cyber Monday.

Cyber-Monday-Tips24. Make a list – or two! I keep more than one list handy on Cyber Monday. My first list consists of a bookmark file on my computer’s browser with the sites I plan to visit. Second, I have a paper list of items I am trying to find with the retailer recommendations indicated next to them. Third, I have a list of secondary items that I search for after I have completed my “must-have” list.

It’s also a good idea to keep a blank notepad and pen handy for additional notes while you are shopping. Write down your confirmation numbers, amount spent, etc.

5. Protect yourself and your computer. The most important form of protection on Cyber Monday is to protect your assets. That means your computer and your bank account. Update your antivirus software and consider purchasing a pre-paid credit card to load your allotted spending money onto. You may want to consider a backup pre-paid card…just in case you find that one last deal you can’t let your family go without!

In regards to your shopping experience, you need to protect yourself by being clear about return policies. Be certain that the usual return policies you expect are in place even on Cyber Monday.

Myrah Duque is a DealPro and founder of savings blog, Her mission is to help others learn how to live a frugal lifestyle using coupons and other forms of savings. 


  1. I have found that making a list is extremely helpful because it keeps you focused on what items you are looking for specifically. Many times, we get distracted and end up spending money on unnecessary items. Great tips!

  2. Que buenos esos tips ya estoy lista para el cyber Monday!

  3. Excelentes consejos, yo prefiero comprar en cyber monday y el último punto es importantisimo.

  4. thanks Coupon Mamacita for the tips and thank you for all the ways you help us to save money all year long!

  5. Punto 5!!!! Hace unos días mi cuenta de Starbuck fue hacheada y me desocuparon mi cuenta del banco. Importante cambiar claves a menudo.

  6. I ALWAYS have a list of things I’m looking for for Cyber Monday. I always scout out websites before Cyber Monday to make sure they have what I’m looking for so I don’t waste my time when Cyber Monday rolls around.

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