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Posted by on Dec 16, 2015 in Automotive | 0 comments

5 Car Hacks You’ll Wish You Had Known Sooner

car hacks

We acquire a lot of useless knowledge throughout our lives – some intentionally, and some by accident. Whether these amazing hacks for your car were by design or not doesn’t matter- they are just amazing.

Defog Your Headlights


car hacks foggy headlights

Are your headlights getting a little dingy? You’re in luck! While, you can go to Advanced Auto Parts and buy specialty de-fogger, you can also clean them up using something we all (hopefully) have in our house. Toothpaste. Take a little bit on a soft cloth, and gently rub on the lights and watch them shine right back up.  Note: you must use the paste, gel won’t work.

Remove Bugs From Your Bumper


car hacks remove bugs from bumper

If you are constantly bothered by the amount of dead bugs on your front bumper (we have a love-bug issue here in Florida), fear not. There are several ways to remove them, between marketed brands to DIY at your house.  One solution we like is dryer sheets – yes, like the ones in your laundry room. Take a few dryer sheets, dampen them with some fabric softener and gently rub the bumper. Bugs be gone! Hint: you can also use WD-40 – just make sure to wash off afterwards.


Increase the Range on Your Key Fob


car hacks increase key fob range

Do you hate it when you try to unlock your car doors only to find out when you walk up that they are still locked? Good news – place your key fob under your chin next time to increase the range! The fluid in your body actually acts as a conductor.


Know Which Side to Fuel Up On 


car hacks which side is the gas tank on

I can’t tell you how many times I have pulled up to a gas station and either forgotten, or not known which side I should pull in on. Luckily, there is a simple way to find out. If you have a newer model car, you will see an arrow indicating which side to fill up on. Note: Previously, there was a rumor that the icon itself determined the side of the tank – this is not true.


Cool Down Your Car Instantly


car hackscool down car quickly

Ever come out to your car in the dead of summer, and dread getting in because it’s SO hot? Next time try this before getting in: open up your drivers side door, walk to the other side, and open and shut one door 4-5 times. This will push all of the hot air out of the open door, and cool your car down much faster.

There are so many automotive tips and tricks out there that we aren’t able to put them all in one place. Are you in need of an oil change or tire rotation? Head to your local auto shop!

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