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Posted by on Jan 7, 2019 in Home & Garden | 0 comments

5 Cheap Ways to Track Lost Items

Losing things. It’s a frustrating little habit that we all live with. Whether it’s our keys, our phone or even our TV remote, we’ve all misplaced something.

At one time, our only solution was to call upon a loved one or friend to help jog our memory. If neither of these solutions has worked for you, this post is tailor-made for your situation.

Thanks to technology, we now have the next best thing to memory enhancement: lost-item tracking devices – handy gadgets that come in a variety of sizes and designs.

Let’s look at five tracking devices that are killing it on the market, so you can determine which best fits your needs. Keep in mind that while a few details stand out about each device, there are also a lot of similarities. Your choice may come down to price points and design. To help you decide, we’ve listed estimated prices although you may be able to snag one for less.

1. Tile Mate

(Price: around $25) Tile Mate has received crazy-good reviews and is very easy to use. Simply attach it to your item, download the free app, and connect it via Bluetooth. The battery is guaranteed for a full year, and you can replace it on your own.

If you lose your stuff, open the app and tap on the lost item; a chirping noise will alert you to where it is. And it also works in reverse; if you lose your phone, just tap the button on the tile and listen for the beep. It has the largest community of its kind, meaning that if you lose your phone, Tile will more likely be able to identify its location from its large pool of users who pass by your item.

2. XY4+

(Price: around $40) XY4+, a handy hexagon-shaped tracker, has received several favorable reviews from customers. It provides you with many peace-of-mind features, including the XY Find It app, which you can use to set off your device’s sound in order to find it (within a 300-foot range) or see where it was last spotted. And the battery life is projected to be as long as five years, much longer than for competitors.

You can set an alarm system to notify you if something goes missing. For example, if you don’t want your child or pet to go outside a certain range, you can attach one of these small devices to them and set an alarm that will notify you if they do.

3. TrackR pixel

(Price: $24.99) The TrackR pixel is about the size of two quarters stacked on top of each other, and it’s one of the smallest and lightest devices on the market. It features both an LED light and audio to help you find your lost items. The battery lasts about a year and is easy to change yourself.

If you are out of range of Bluetooth, the crowd location feature allows you to tap into the network of other TrackR users to get a general idea of your device’s location. If you worry that you’re going to forget an important item, such as your purse, behind, you can set an alarm for the item that will go off if you get out of a certain range, such as 20 feet. You can even whitelist certain locations – for example, if you’re home and don’t want to hear your alarm every time you leave that 20-foot radius of your purse.

4. Click n Dig F6 

(Price: $39.95) Unlike the other devices on this list, the Click ’n Dig F6 does not require a smartphone to operate. You can get a maximum of six Click ’n Digs in a package. All connect to a transmitter that has corresponding, color-coded keys.

The devices can easily be stuck to items like remotes, and light up and buzz for easy item retrieval. It is great if you’re looking for an easy-to-use lost item finder and don’t want to use a smartphone.

5. Chipolo Plus 

(Price: Around $25) Chipolo Plus is another item finder that has gotten good reviews and is simple to use. It has been touted as the loudest Bluetooth item tracker on the market, with 100 decibels, and is water-resistant. You also have the choice of using an app on your phone or your computer’s web browser to track your device.

If one of your items is out of range of your phone, Chipolo taps into its community of users to tell you the general location of your item. The one downside to Chipolo Plus is that the battery is not replaceable, but there is a discounted renewal program for purchasing another tracker.

With any these options, you might still lose things – it is only human after all – but tracking devices like these will make it a piece of cake to retrieve them and get back to your day.

Sam Meenasian co-founded and serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations of USA Business Insurance and BISU Insurance. With nearly 25 years of business experience, including a prior real estate career, he has served thousands of small businesses. Meenasian holds a bachelor’s degree in business.

Sam Meenasian co-founded and serves as Vice President of Sales and Marketing Operations of USA Business Insurance and BISU Insurance. With nearly 25 years of business experience, including a prior real estate career, he has served thousands of small businesses. Meenasian holds a bachelor’s degree in business.

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