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Posted by on Aug 13, 2019 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

5 College Dorm Room Essentials

Moving into a college dorm can be a stressful process. For most incoming students, this is the first time they’re living on their own. What should I pack? What will I need to buy for my dorm room? These questions and many more come to mind.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to think about everything that might be needed. Luckily, many retailers have realized this trend and developed entire back-to-college product categories just to accommodate it. To help you out, we’ve put together 5 college dorm essentials:

Laundry Time

One of the biggest adjustments to dorm life is getting used to the fact that you now must do your own laundry. You can bet that Mom and Dad aren’t washing and folding your clothes for you anymore. There will likely be a laundry room located somewhere in the dorm. You’ll need a laundry hamper for storing and transporting your dirty clothes. Check out World Market for a great selection.

Enhancing Your Shower Experience

When moving into a dorm, there’s definitely a loss of privacy. It comes with the territory of living in a shared space with other people. This is especially true when it comes to the bathroom. If you’re lucky, you might only have to share it with your roommates and suitemates. However, some colleges have common bathrooms for everyone on the floor to use. Either way, having a shower caddy tote that can carry all your accessories is a necessity, since you’ll (hopefully) be showering every day. Bed Bath and Beyond has numerous shower caddy totes for every style.

Comfort Over Everything

After a long day of classes and hitting the library, you’ll want to be able to feel relaxed in your bed. Of course, your new twin size mattress is probably a far cry from the spacious queen you were used to sleeping in back home. A plush bed set is key to creating a space that you’ll be comfortable with. Nest Bedding has a wide variety of bed sets that come in all materials and colors.

Light Up the Place

With college comes lots of homework and cramming for tests. Most colleges have desks that are provided for each dorm room to help with your studies but you’ll need to get a desk lamp so you can see what you’re doing. In many cases, the normal lighting in each room is extremely bright and awkwardly placed. If you’re up late finishing an assignment, you don’t want to disturb your roommates by keeping the main lights on. No matter what your dorm furniture looks like, Kohl’s will have a unique desk lamp to match it.

Convenience at It’s Best

Depending on what style of dorm room you’re moving into, you may or may not have a refrigerator. It’s usually unlikely unless your dorm is apartment-style and fitted with a kitchenette. Even though you won’t be doing a lot of cooking, having a mini fridge is essential. This inexpensive and practical appliance is perfect for storing your leftover food from the cafeteria, cold drinks and other small groceries. You can find mini-fridges at most major department stores, but Target has some of the best deals around.

Yes, moving into an unfamiliar place can seem daunting at first. But if you get the right products, the transition to dorm life can be smoother than you might think. These 5 college dorm essentials are sure to help as you start this new chapter of your life.

Joe Healy is a content marketing expert who enjoys traveling and leading an active lifestyle. 

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