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Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in Mother's Day | 0 comments

5 Free Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s easy to go overboard buying gifts and things for your mom. However, just showing your love and appreciation for all her hard work is likely the only gift you really need. Try these five free ways to celebrate mom and she will have the best Mother’s Day ever.


1. Give Mom Day Off

Any mom would be thrilled to have a day off from all the mundane tasks she performs each day. Give a new mom a day without diaper changes. Do the laundry, fold it and put it away. Cook all the meals and wash all the dishes. Do the grocery shopping for the week. Pack the school lunches for Monday. Get all the kids bathed and teeth brushed. Check all the homework and sign the folders and forms. Let mom relax and take a break from all her little jobs.

2. Give Mom Some Quiet Time

Ask any mom, especially one with young children what she desires most and the answer will likely be, peace and quiet or a moment to herself. Moms give themselves day in and day out and rarely have a moment to breathe. Let mom sleep in. Take the kids to the park for an hour or run some errands. Let mom take a bath, read her favorite book or watch TV uninterrupted. This alone may be her favorite gift of all.

3. Quality Family Time

Moms love to spend time with their family. If a fancy Mother’s Day brunch isn’t in the budget, plan a different kind of quality family time. Have a game night and let mom pick the game. Plan a family movie night and snuggle up on the couch with mom. Take an afternoon hike or swim as a family. Take mom to church and pack a picnic lunch. The best thing about this idea is that kids young and old can participate. The activity can be adjusted based on the age of the children.

4. Make a New Tradition

Take the Quality Family Time activity and turn it into a family tradition. Moms love traditions. If you usually just take mom to brunch, think of something new and different to try. Volunteer together as a family. Take a family bike ride. Go to a museum. The ideas don’t need to be elaborate. It could be something as simple as taking a family photo. Then do the same activity again year after year.

5. Make a Memory Book

This is a free or inexpensive gift idea that mom can treasure forever. Grab some paper and art supplies you have around the house and make a memory page. Each family member can do their own or do a few pages together as a family. Use things you already have to craft your pages. The memory page can be anything you want: favorite moments with mom over the past year, reasons why you think mom is special, things mom has done that you appreciate. Include family photos from the past year. The list goes on and on. Put all the pages together in a book for mom to keep. You can also use the Memory Book as your family tradition. Each year kids can make a new page and give them to mom. This is especially perfect for adult children off at college or living on their own. It’s a gift that will likely cost the price of a stamp.

You don’t need a fancy gift, expensive flowers or an extravagant meal to show mom you love her. A simple “I Love You” or “Thank You” plus a hug is really all you need. Moms just want to feel appreciated. And remember, you don’t have to try these ideas just for Mother’s Day. Maybe give mom a day off “just because” every once in a while.

Guest blogger Shellie Deringer is a DealPro and founder of Saving With Shellie, a website designed to show moms that by shopping diligently and purposefully, they can afford the quality brands they love without exceeding their budget.

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