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Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Grocery, How To | 0 comments

5 Pantry Staples Every Vegan Needs

homemade nut butter BTB

It’s so much easier to go vegan than it was a few years ago. The food industry has responded to this healthier way of eating with a profusion of products. Nut milks and butters, maple syrup, specialty frozen dinners and coconut oils are taking up more shelf space in the supermarket.

That’s great, but some vegan foods are still more expensive than many people can afford. For example, almond butter can cost more than twice as much as grinding bulk nuts yourself in your food processor. It costs even less if you use grocery coupons to buy them. With a little imagination and a few basic ingredients, it’s surprisingly easy and cheap to pull together a vegan meal at home. 

This article originally appeared on the VegNews website. 

Chances are, you use one (or more!) of the following five kitchen staples every day. Instead of adding them to your weekly grocery list, you can make them yourself, saving money and avoiding potentially nasty—not to mention un-natural—add-ins.

Read the article here.

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