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Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Home & Garden, Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

5 Spring Home Décor Updates on a Budget

Wipe away the winter blues with some lively spring home décor updates. By rearranging your living space, adding new wall art and incorporating bright colors of the season, you can transform your home in a weekend while sticking to a modest budget.


1. Spot Color: Add a splash of color to a room done in neutral tones by adding a bright accent hue. Choose a hot spring color—such as orange, green or yellow—and add a few accessories. Use pillows to brighten a couch. Pick up a second-hand lamp from a thrift store. Set out a colorful vase you scored on a clearance table. All of these items can be swapped out when a holiday or cooler weather rolls around since they didn’t cost much to begin with.

2. Wall Words: Express a favorite quote or sentiment by having a custom wall decal made. Position the scrolling artistic text on a large open wall that guests will see, like a foyer or living room. Have the text printed in a cheery spring tone such as rosy-pink or emerald-blue. Use a coupon for this crafty service to keep this home décor update economical.

3. Add Flowers: Brighten any room of the house with a few fresh flowers. Dig out several slender, solid-color vases from the cupboard and put them to use. Pick up an inexpensive bulk bouquet of tulips or daffodils at the farmer’s market for a few dollars and separate the stems. Use just a few blooms to brighten an end table, the vanity in a bathroom or the breakfast bar in the kitchen. This is less costly than splurging on professional arrangements.

4. Lighter Linens: With spring comes warmer temperatures. Instantly give your home a lighter, cooler look by swapping out heavy comforters and drapes with sheer linens. When choosing colors, consider an off-white or ivory tone. These usually coordinate with existing room decor by adding a neutral brightness that’s perfect for spring.

5. Move It: Sit back and look at your furniture placement. Consider rearranging your furniture to make the windows more of a focal point in each room. Then you can open them and let the spring breeze freshen each room. This update doesn’t cost a dime and makes your home brighter!

Get creative. Simply by doing some spring cleaning and tidying your home, it will look more spacious and less cluttered for spring. You might even uncover some decorations you’ve been meaning to incorporate into your home, but forgot!

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