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Posted by on Aug 19, 2013 in How To | 0 comments

5 Tips for Successful Couponing Parties

Do you want to attend a couponing party but there aren’t any local ones planned? Why not host your own? Your party doesn’t have to be large to be successful. No matter what size party you plan, here are some tips to help you have a successful party to teach others how to coupon and share tricks of the trade so everyone gets great deals!Coupon Party Tips

1. Time and Location

Before you plan your party, decide if you want a small gathering with just a few friends or a community party. You can meet in someone’s home for small groups, but you’ll need to rent a meeting room for larger crowds. Ask your local library or community center if there is a fee for a community coupon party so you know if you have to charge for attendance.

2. Advertise

Once you set your date and location, start advertising. Place fliers around the community and use local newspapers to advertise. Ask people to RSVP because the response may be overwhelming. When you schedule the location, ask how many people can fit in the room. You will need to limit the number of guests so that you don’t have too many people and break local fire codes.

3. Food

If the party is going to take several hours, you might consider having food (if your venue allows it). You can ask people to bring their own snacks, or you can charge a fee and provide snacks or a meal for your guests. For small gatherings in your home, everyone can pitch in to buy pizza—using a coupon, of course—or bring a covered dish.

4. Coupon Trading

One reason people like to attend coupon parties is to trade coupons. Ask everyone to bring their inserts and binders for a coupon swap. Guests can place unwanted coupons in the center of a table and everyone has a chance to grab more coupons. The hostess should plan on bringing several coupons so guests leave with more than they came with.

5. Speaker

At a party, you’ll have both veteran savers and those who are new to couponing. Plan on having a speaker to teach the basics of couponing. If you’ll be having regular parties, you can talk about different aspects of using coupons, such as keeping a binder, stacking coupons, and coupon rules.

Coupon parties are a great way to relax and have fun with fellow couponers. Everyone will leave with great new coupons, and those new to couponing will learn some of the tips from the pros.


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