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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Guest Posts, Mother's Day | 0 comments

5 Ways To Celebrate Mom For Free This Mother’s Day

Making mom breakfast in bed is a tried and true way to make her feel special for Mother’s Day, but if you are looking for some more creative ideas, here is some inspiration. Most mothers will tell you that what they remember most about Mother’s Day, is how their families made them feel special, not the gifts that have been purchased.

5 Ways To Celebrate Mom For Free This Mother’s Day

Here are five ways to celebrate mom this Mothers Day, and they are free!

1. Make a special book for your mom, telling her how much she means to you.

You can use an online tool like Press Books to make a free online version (and send it to her to read on her Kindle)!

You can also gather photos from other family members that may be new to your mom (maybe from one of her sisters or brothers, etc.), and use paper that you already have around the house. Pinterest is a great resource to find simple binding methods.

Some ideas on what to include are:

  • Special memories you have of your mom
  • Your favorite traits that she has passed down to you
  • Lessons you have learned from her
  • Special photos
  • Include a list of 100 favorite things about mom

2. Make a movie for mom, starring her!

Use it as an opportunity to let her know how special you think she is. You can use free online programs like Smile Box to create a personalized slideshow for and about mom. Use can use some of the same ideas mentioned above. The idea is to create something your mom will love to watch!

If you have a digital camera, you can make a video and upload it to someplace like YouTube for her to watch.

3. Give Mom a Day of Quiet.

If your mom is still in her child rearing years, maybe what she would treasure is a day to herself. I am sure she would love it if you started the day off with a special breakfast for her. After that though, maybe take the family out to the park and let me mom have a couple of hours to herself. Make sure the house is clean, so she can really enjoy the quiet hours.

Stage the house according to what your mom loves. If she loves taking a bath, make sure the tub is clean. Have a towel, some bubble bath and a candle. If she loves coffee or tea, have a pot brewed with her favorite creamer and coffee cup set out. Maybe use a free Redbox rental code to rent her a movie she has wanted to see.

4. Give Mom The Day Off / Work For Mom For The Day.

Spend a day knocking projects off of Mom’s “to-do list”, so she doesn’t have to do them. If she has been wanting to paint a room in the house, coordinate and do that project. If the garden needs weeding, or a garage needs organizing – get to work. Are there repairs that need to be done around the house? Fix those. Call in help from the cavalry (siblings or neighbors) if you need to.

Don’t forget to give her the day off from cooking and cleaning too. And remember, giving Mom the day off means that you are doing it, not just letting the dishes pile up!

5. Take Mom Out For The Day.

Plan a picnic at your favorite local park, or take advantage of one of the many free museum days around the country. In many areas you can find free things to do in your area by Googling “Free Things To Do (add your city name here).” Local libraries can be a great resource to find out about free events (and sometimes even tickets) in your area too. If you have a favorite zoo or museum in your area, give them a call and find out about “free to the public” opportunities to visit.

If your mom has a cause or charity that is close to her heart, you can make it a volunteer date. Call the location/charity, and line up an opportunity to volunteer for the day together, in honor of Mother’s Day!

Some moms would love more family time, some more quiet time, and most just to be acknowledged for all of the hard work they do. Think about your mom specifically, what she would like, and celebrate her this Mother’s Day!

Guest blogger Sia Hills is a DealPro and co-founder of website Thrifty NW Mom, a one-stop resource for ways to save money all around the Pacific Northwest.



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