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Posted by on Apr 9, 2019 in Seasonal & Events | 0 comments

5 Ways to Show Your Pet Some Love

Pets bring so much happiness to people’s lives. No matter how bad your day was, you can always count on your furry friend to cheer you up when you get home. Their unconditional love is somewhat of a rarity in life. National Pet Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your animal. Check out these ideas to show your pet some love:

Hit Up the Dog Park

Take your dog on a trip to a favorite dog park or try a new one! Roll down the window and take the scenic route. Let him feel the wind in his face. If your dog is accustomed to going to the dog park regularly, make this trip special. Stay longer than normal and make new friends with the other dog owners. Your dog would probably love a new friend to have play dates with! 

Buy a New Toy

Nothing gets a cat quite as excited as a new toy! Head over to your local pet store with your cat and let her pick out her favorite. You may have had an experience or two where you regretted getting your cat a toy. Especially when she strips out all the stuffing and leaves it strewn about your apartment while you’re at work. But today is your cat’s day, so cut her some slack and get her the fluffy toy.

Throw a Pet Day Party

Call up all your pet’s best friends and invite them over for a pet day party! The dogs and cats can all frolic and play together while the parents enjoy cocktails in celebration of their pets. Stop by your local pet bakery and grab some treats. You could even go to the party store to buy some balloons and streamers in order to give your fiesta an extra touch.

Watch a Movie Together

Remember “Beethoven”? Or maybe something more recent like “The Secret Life of Pets”? Snuggle up with your ball of fur and dim the lights. It’s movie time! Pick out your favorite pet flick and relax. Of course, your dog probably won’t understand most of it (except for the barking scenes). You should probably shy away from renting “101 Dalmatians” though. You don’t want to scare your dog!

Go for a Run

Your dog probably goes on frequent walks, but a run is a special treat. Pick a sunny day and take a couple laps around the neighborhood with your dog. Make sure your pooch has water before and after. Keep her leashed as she might get excited by other dogs or runners. And for everyone’s sake, remember to bring dog waste bags. No one wants to step in a smelly surprise on their run!

Truth be told, your pet just wants your affection. National Pet Day is your chance to go the extra mile and show your pet some love. So do something you normally wouldn’t and celebrate your special friend.


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