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Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Fashion | 0 comments

6 Cheap Pregnancy Wardrobe Tips

maternity wardrobe

Expecting a baby forces you to think about money, starting with your pregnancy wardrobe. Is it worth it to splurge on clothes you’ll only wear for roughly nine months? If you work in a professional office, you’ll need to be more discriminating about outfits than someone in a more casual workplace — or a stay-at-home mom. If it’s your first pregnancy, you’ll likely be a lot more stressed about what to wear than someone who’s been there, done that and already has some maternity clothes on hand.

Regardless, if you want to save money, you have more resources than you might imagine. Check out the sales at stores with maternity sections such as Target and Kohl’s and mall department stores. Most have coupon codes you can use on their websites, as do specialty stores like Motherhood Maternity. And there are other sources of cheap and free maternity clothes, too. 

This article was originally published on Homemade Ginger.

Although this is baby #4, I have let many people borrow my maternity items and after enduring those pregnancies as well as 3 of my own, I was sad to realize that it was time to stock up on a few maternity pieces. However, I hate to pay full price for anything and my goal has been to get the things I need for as cheap as possible since this will be my last pregnancy. I’ve come up with 6 ways on how to score your pregnant fashion clothing for extremely cheap.

Read the tips here.

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