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Posted by on May 6, 2016 in Health & Beauty | 0 comments

6 Exercises You Need to Add to Your Fitness Routine


When it comes to exercising, there are tons of proven methods of staying in shape. Of course, different exercises work different parts of your body.

For example, running is great cardio, while Zumba is more of an intense workout for certain muscle groups. Other less high-intense fitness, like yoga and planking, tone muscles while still burning fat… and of course it’s less heavy on the cardio. But really, you should be doing a combination of different workout styles to maximize your benefits – and physical fitness!

Regardless of the type of fitness or activity you prefer, the fact is that there are six core types of workouts that are time-tested to be best-practices in the fitness world.

Originally published by Super Sana

Exercises are the way to get physical fitness and rejuvenation. It is performed for the four basic purposes like flexibility, balance, endurance and strength. One type of activity is not enough.

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